If you think you've been drugged

Make sure you're safe

Your priority is to go to a place where you feel physically and emotionally safe. Talk to someone you trust.

  • Call the police (911) or the Protection Services (613-562-5411).
  • Go to a safe place, like the home of a friend, parent or any other person you trust. Always have someone with you.

Seek medical attention

Get medical attention immediately. It is imperative for your safety and to ensure evidence is collected. Have someone you trust accompany you.

  • Go to the nearest hospital or to the University of Ottawa Health Services. If necessary, call Protection Services, who will help make sure you get medical attention.
  • The Ottawa Hospital’s Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program is equipped and trained to perform a sexual assault evidence exam (rape kit) and properly collect forensic evidence.

The Ottawa Hospital (bilingual)

1053 Carling Avenue
613-798-5555 ext. 13770

Montfort Hospital (bilingual)

713 Montreal Road

University of Ottawa Health Services (bilingual)

100 Marie Curie

Protection Services (bilingual)

141 Louis Pasteur

IMPORTANT! Although you may find it difficult to do so, do not wash, urinate, eat, drink, smoke or chew gum before being examined. Also, never change, wash or destroy your clothing before being examined.

  • Try to be sure you give a urine sample within 24 hours of being drugged. This will make it possible to determine what substance you were given.
  • If possible, bring what you were drinking with you so it can be analyzed.

Did you know?

Tools and resources

Please note that the feminine is used throughout this website, but it does not exclude any person who has been a victim of sexual violence.

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