Five lessons learned about telework

Posted on Monday, February 1, 2021

When the pandemic began, our daily lives were transformed overnight. School, work, extracurricular activities... everything was transferred online, or nearly. This became a major challenge for many. Whether its part of the CO-OP program, Work-Study Program, or volunteering, telework is definitely making us rethink our ways of doing things. Here are what four students tell us they learned through telework.

1. Flexibility

“What I like most about telework is the flexibility of working at my own pace in the comfort of home at the time of day that suits me best.” Cherissa Mugisha

“Working remotely brings flexibility, and that’s one of the things that I like most. I can arrange my day as I want to if I plan things correctly and get the work done. So, it gives me more freedom than scheduled work.” Othman Oujjani

“I enjoyed the flexibility of working remotely as I could complete work at any time of day as long as it was finished by certain deadlines I was given.” Chloe O’Malley

2. Motivation

“I learned to be more organized to stay motivated. I also learned that taking breaks helps me focus and that listening to podcasts or background music creates a more productive ambiance.” Cherissa Mugisha

“It’s important to turn your phone off during work hours to avoid all kinds of distractions.” Carole Uwiteka

3. Autonomy

“I learned that I was able to work without supervision by keeping to a work schedule.” Carole Uwiteka

“I definitely improved my responsibility skills. At first, especially with online classes, it was a little bit difficult to settle down and start working seriously for an extended period, but I improved quite a bit and I am more productive now.” Othman Oujjani

4. Organization

“One really good piece of advice about telework is be well-organize in your daily tasks to keep track of where you are in your work.” Carole Uwiteka

“My organizational skills have definitely been developed. There were lots of deadlines and meetings to remember. Making a schedule is important because working remotely can become overwhelming if things are left to the last minute.” Chloe O’Malley

5. Communication

“I learned that I am more sociable than I thought. I noticed that I chatted way more with my friends and colleagues, and it just generally made me feel good to communicate with humans even if it’s through a computer. Communication is the key. You have to make sure you are transparent and not be afraid to ask questions.” Othman Oujjani

Telework is certainly different, but it has its advantages. Students who are experiencing it now are honing certain skills, such as autonomy, organization, and communication, along with their digital skills. They are also finding out what types of work methods they find most efficient, and as such, they are learning more about themselves. This new environment is the perfect opportunity for students to find out what they are capable of.

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Watch this space: this winter, the Career Corner will be offering workshops on preserving wellness during telework.

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