Whether you’re a new or returning student, you’re in the director’s chair here at uOttawa and the one who’ll set the stage for a truly unique and unforgettable university experience.

Land the role you want at uOttawa!

The basics

To make sure things start off on the right foot, there are a few things you’ll need to do right away—enroll to your courses, pay your tuition fees and become familiar with your timetable and class locations. Doing so will ensure things run smoothly for you right from the start.

Memorize your student number, email address and password

When you applied for admission to the University of Ottawa, we sent you your student number, your uoAccess ID and your password. When you enrolled in your courses, you received an @uOttawa email address, which you should check regularly since this is how the University communicates with you.

Information IconBe sure to memorize these credentials and the related password. You'll need them to access the wide range of online tools available in uoZone, our student portal. If you encounter any technical problems, please submit a service desk request.

uoZone: This secure student portal provides access to everything you need while at university. Through it, you can access your student information, information to enroll in your courses, your email account, your course and exam schedules, messages (from the University, your faculty, and professors), your financial statement, information on scholarships and bursaries, as well as further information on other services offered to students.

Enrol in your courses

Make sure you’ve properly completed your course enrolment. If you aren’t officially enroled, you’ll be unable to attend classes or receive a grade for the course.

Visit the course enrolment page and select the student category that best describes your situation to get more information on how to enroll in or change your courses.

You can also benefit from previous evaluation results that show what students have thought of uOttawa courses. Course evaluation results are available on uoZone under Applications > S-Report – Evaluation of teaching and courses.

Course evaluations are typically completed during the final weeks of the term, in class (for classroom courses) or through uoZone (for web-based courses).

Attend uOrientation activities

Get a Head Start: Register for uOrientation

From December 10 to January 8, attend uOttawa winter orientation and participate in our webinars, available in both French and English. Participate in webinars specific to your faculty as well as others covering all aspects of your new life at uOttawa. Experience fun interactive activities with integrated Q&A sessions in which we will answer all your questions and provide you with the resources to help you thrive and find your path to personal and academic success at uOttawa.

Register now and gain access to useful resources, connect with your peers, and get the most of your first uOttawa experience.

Get your uOttawa card

All uOttawa Card services are currently suspended in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

If you are a new student who must be physically on campus for the Fall term, you can order your uOttawa Card online if it is your first card. In-person card distribution for the fall will only resume on August 24 at InfoService, following all physical distancing measures in effect. Please note that for security reasons we can’t mail uOttawa Cards. Card replacement must also be done in person when InfoService reopens.

The uOttawa card is your official University of Ottawa student identification card. You will use it to make purchases on campus and to access many of the student services. This card also serves as your meal plan card.

If you don’t have to be on campus for the Fall term, you won’t need to get a student card for now. You will be able to get one for your next term on campus.

Pay your tuition fees

University fees are payable by the date indicated in the Important dates and deadlines. If you register after the published deadline, you must pay your fees as soon as your course selection is approved.Changing or withdrawing from courses may change your account balance. You can view your revised statement of account through uoZone.

Buy your textbooks and other course materials

You can purchase most of your textbooks and other course materials at the University of Ottawa Bookstore, located in the University Centre. Some textbooks are available as e-books or through the rent-a-textbook program.

Textbooks and course packs (a bound collection of photocopied texts) may also be available at docUcentre or other locations near the campus, for example Librairie du Soleil (French website) or Rytec Printing. Professors will usually tell students on the first day of classes which books and other materials they require and where to buy them.

Attend orientation activities during the Welcome Week

Get ready for Welcome Week Events

Welcome Gee-Gees!

Our team is working hard to provide you with exciting, action-packed events to make you feel at home and part of the Gee-Gees community. Winter Welcome will be inevitably different than previous years. Nevertheless, we will ensure to make the experience just as memorable and unique. The best part is; events will be open to everyone! Whether you’re just starting university or are racing to the finish line, there is something for you during our Winter Welcome! Stay tuned for our list of events @uOcampus, happening January 11–15, 2021!

Find out where to go for administrative and academic services

Administrative services

InfoService is the starting point for most of your administrative needs, including requests for official documents, information on tuition fees and invoices, enrolment verification documents, copies of diplomas, your student card and information on convocation ceremonies.

If you can't complete one of the above tasks online through uoZone, visit InfoService, located in Tabaret Hall.

Financial aid and awards services

For information on government financial aid, scholarships and bursaries as well as the Work-Study Program, visit the Financial Aid and Awards Service, located in room 3156 of the Desmarais Building.

Academic services

If you can't complete a request online through uoZone, contact your faculty for any services related to course selection, your program and registration. You can make an appointment by email, phone or in person at your faculty's undergraduate studies office.

Know your schedule and how your course will be delivered

Your personal course schedule is available in uoZone. Memorize your schedule and know how your courses will be delivered (in person, synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, etc.).

Note that only a few courses will be delivered in person during the Fall 2020 term If it is the case for one of your course, check the campus map to find out where the different University buildings and services are located.

Get acquainted with academic regulations

Regulations are important to your academic success: they cover everything from enrolment to earning a degree.  Be sure to visit the Administration and Governance website to learn more. You can also go to the  Academic Regulations Explained website to gain a better understanding of how regulations affect you.

Break the ice

Our student mentors are the best people to provide you with support during your studies and your time at uOttawa. They can answer your questions and help you with a given task. Find the right mentor based on your interests, your hometown or country, your program or even your language preference.

They’re just waiting for you to give them the word. It’s up to you to decide what role they’ll play at your side!

If you are a Canadian student, visit our Regional Mentoring Centre.

If you are an International student, visit our International Mentor Centre.

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