Acquire work experience

You’ll likely have questions about your professional life once you finish your studies, questions like, Will I find a job? Will I find work in my field? How can I find out what skills and experience I’ll need for my dream job? These are very normal things to wonder about. One of the best ways to find the answers to these questions and to discover your passion or simply find a job you like is to get varied work experience during university. We offer a variety of ways for you to get employment experience and provide other helpful resources and tools.

As public health requirements may have an impact on activities offering you work experience, certain activities listed may not currently be available. If we invite you to join us on campus, everything will be in place for everyone to comply with the public health directives in effect at that time.


Find a job on campus

The Work-Study Program allows you to apply for jobs on campus. Simply follow the application procedure in the Work-Study Navigator, available through uoZone.

Find a job off campus

Look for a job off campus in either Ottawa or Gatineau. Here are some places to start:

Exchanges, work terms and French immersion

Do volunteer work

Volunteering allows you to gain experience, which you can include in your resumé as well as meet other students, have fun and get involved in interesting short- or long-term activities and projects.

Study and work

The CO-OP Program allows you to apply concepts you’ve learned in class through paid placements, which alternate with study sessions. You can find out more about CO-OP and the admission criteria during one of the CO-OP information sessions held on campus.

Do work placements or become a teaching or research assistant

Placements: Some programs involve mandatory work placements or allow the possibility of doing one. If your program is one of these, use the opportunity to meet new people, explore possible career options and gain experience for your resumé.

Assistantships: In third and fourth year, you may find you’re interested in becoming a research or teaching assistant. There are some employment opportunities available for first-year students as well. To find out about any possibilities, simply check the website of your faculty or ask your professors about any assistantships available.

Prepare your resumé and take advantage of the career services available

Meet with a counsellor at the Career Development Centre. You can book an appointment to get help with your resumé or for career counselling. The Career Development Centre’s website also provides information on the different job fairs, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet potential employers.

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