Have fun and get involved

You’ll find lots to do on campus and in Ottawa and Gatineau all year long, perfect for making new friends, discovering your passions and being part of all the action! For more activity ideas or to find other students who share your interests, contact your regional mentor!

As public health requirements may have an impact on activities offering you work experience, certain activities listed may not currently be available. If we invite you to join us on campus, everything will be in place for everyone to comply with the public health directives in effect at that time.


Join a club or student association

The University of Ottawa Student Union (UOSU) oversees student associations and cultural, religious, political, recreational and other types of clubs. 

Festivals and other activities

The University organizes activities and events for students throughout the year. Movie nights, free concerts, pumpkin-carving contests and chocolate tastings are just some of the fun activities that await you. And, you’ll have your pick of great musical and cultural festivals here in Ottawa and Gatineau. Don’t miss these great events. And if you like volunteering, you can put your skills to good use by lending a hand!

Satisfy your creative and cultural appetite

Ottawa is a lively city, with lots of cultural and artistic events and activities. The region is packed with museums, galleries and theatres close to downtown. Whether you’re into history, nature, fine arts or science...or anything in between, you’ll find lots to keep you busy. Check out some of our top choices.

Volunteer your time or find a great job

By working in the community as a volunteer or in a paid position, you’ll gain valuable work experience, meet new people and maybe even discover some hidden talents and new interests. Visit the sites below for information on volunteering and volunteer opportunities.

Take up a sport

Staying in shape and meeting new people couldn’t be easier! There are lots of sports activities and clubs on campus and in the Ottawa-Gatineau regions. Here are just a few.

Organized and team sports

Training and fitness

Don’t miss any of the action by joining the Stampede!

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