Know your rights and remedies

Be prepared by finding out what your rights are and knowing in advance what remedies are available to you in the event you ever find yourself in a situation involving, for example, discrimination, an act of violence or an academic problem.

Become familiar with the University’s academic regulations and policies

Know your rights and remedies

  • Human Rights Office: Resources related to accessibility, harassment and discrimination, employment equity and diversity and inclusion
  • Office of the Ombudsperson: Resolves academic or administrative problems in an independent, impartial and confidential manner, recommends changes to University policies and procedures and encourages discussion on issues that affect all members of the University community
  • Student Rights Centre: A service of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa aimed at defending and promoting the rights of students and raising awareness of related matters

Get help in the event of an assault or harassment

Sexual violence: support and prevention: resources for survivors of sexual violence as well as information for bystanders and others on how they can make a difference.

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