Take care of yourself

School, work, family, friends… they all play an important part in our lives. But don’t forget about the most important of all — you! By taking good care of your physical and mental health, you are well on your way to creating the foundation for success in all areas of your life. Find out about the many services available to you at uOttawa.

A healthy mind, a healthy body

Taking good care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. The University provides a number of free services for students to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing, whether personal or academic, that are preventing you from reaching your goals and making the most of your time at university. If you’re in distress or feel you need to speak to someone confidentially, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Counselling and Coaching Service.

  • The Mental Health and Wellness website acts as a central location for information and resources at our University and in the surrounding community
  • Counselling and Coaching: Personal counselling, coaching and workshops
  • Mental Health Services: Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals
  • Pet therapy: Four-legged friends to provide you with unconditional love and comfort
  • Emergency services: List of emergency services specializing in dealing with suicide attempts or threats, suicidal thoughts, emotional crises, sexual assault, domestic abuse, physical assault, drugs, gambling and more
  • Sexual violence: support and prevention: resources for survivors of sexual violence as well as information for bystanders and others on how they can make a difference.

Health insurance and medical services

The University has medical clinics on campus where you can see a doctor, dentist or a variety of other health professionals you may need. The Student Union provides a medical and dental health plan for all students. Some of the services available to you include sexually transmitted infection testing, vaccine clinics and travel clinics. You have access to the services you need to meet all your health needs.

Health and physical activity

Stay healthy by getting in shape and staying active. Get more information on the different sports and training activities on campus and the many services offered to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle or overcome any health problems you may be experiencing.

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