Requesting for an exception to the 10-hour rule

Procedure to follow for an exception to the 10-hour rule.

You must open a service request in your Candidate Center, accessible through  uoZone, to submit a request for an exception to the 10 hours rule and attach the completed form below. 

Request permission to work more than 10 hours per week.

If needed.

  1. Fill out the form clearly indicating whether the work is related to research (in the 'Justification of the request' box);
  2. Open a Service Request  'Exception to the 10 hours rule' in the Candidate Center accessible via uoZone;
  3. Add the completed form as an attachment to the application and submit the Service Request.
  • Exceptions to the 10-hour rule will only be granted in cases in which students are making, and will continue to make, normal progress in their studies
  • In some cases, the exception may be granted on condition that the student waives certain financial support. 
  • Under no circumstances a request for an extension will be granted on the grounds that the student cannot complete his studies within the time limit due to the exception granted to work more than 10 hours per week.