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In a crowded room, two women hug enthusiastically and with joy.

One of the University of Ottawa’s most anticipated annual events is in countdown mode! Alumni Week 2016, for alumni, friends and families, takes place April 30 to May 7.

By Linda Scales

One of the University of Ottawa’s most anticipated annual events is in countdown mode! Alumni Week 2016, for alumni, friends and families, takes place April 30 to May 7. A full range of events is planned — the new, the popular and more. There will be something to satisfy every interest.

One of the events moving to the 2016 program is the annual Gee-Gees football program’s Touchdown Dinner. On April 30, at the Château Laurier, alumni Brad Sinopoli (BSc ’15), Mike Fabiilli (BA ’85) and Chris Banton will be inducted into the Gee-Gees Football Hall of Fame.

Nancy Kenny (BA ’04) will perform her critically acclaimed one-act comedy Roller Derby Saved My Soul. The play features Amy, a shy thirtysomething with a job she hates and an obsession with comics and the warrior-princess culture of Buffy and Xena. Find out on May 7 how roller skates fit into this award-winning show.

A new Alumni Week activity for the whole family is quidditch. Harry Potter fans will understand this unique and action-packed sport, but for the uninitiated, the Gee-Gees quidditch team will explain the rules. After a short training session, there will be a mini-game. Laughter is guaranteed!

People playing quidditch.
Quidditch, a sport enjoyed by Harry Potter and friends, is played at the University of Ottawa. Student players will be teaching the game during Alumni Week. Photo: University of Ottawa

Inspiring lectures and presentations

André Picard (BAdm ‘86) is the health columnist for the Globe and Mail and the author of four best-selling books, most recently The Path to Health Care Reform. On May 5, he will speak at the President’s Luncheon about the state of Canada’s universal health care system, the reasons for its present condition and what reforms are needed to keep it sustainable and affordable. (bilingual)

For history and mystery buffs, the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Lecture, on May 4, is not to be missed. In 1845, the Franklin Expedition departed England to search for the famed Northwest Passage, never to return. Almost 170 years later, a Parks Canada team found the sunken wreck of the Erebus, one of the expedition’s two lost ships. Join Marc-André Bernier (BA ’86, MA ’90), a member of the discovery team, for a photo and video presentation about this extraordinary find. (in French)

A man dressed in a red and black hooded wet suit sits on a boat. He’s wearing scuba equipment, including tanks on his back.
Alumnus Marc-André Bernier, a member of the team that discovered one of the Franklin Expedition’s sunken ships, will give a presentation about the extraordinary discovery. Photo: Parks Canada

Professor Odette Laneuville will discuss the MARROW study, which she and Dr. Guy Trudel, both of the University’s Bone and Joint Research Laboratory, are conducting on astronauts aboard the International Space Station in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. Join her on May 2 at the Faculty of Science Dean’s Luncheon. (bilingual)

Developmental psychologist Christopher Fennell is an expert on infant bilingualism. At the Faculty of Social Sciences lecture, on May 2, he will discuss this rapidly emerging field of study. He will also provide an update on the Living Lab, a research effort by uOttawa and the Canada Science and Technology Museum that promises groundbreaking studies on language processing and development. (bilingual)

Rock Fortier (BASc ’88 in civil engineering), civil works leader for the City of Ottawa’s light rail transit project, will return for Alumni Week, on May 7, to provide a progress report on one of the National Capital Region’s largest engineering projects. (bilingual)

See the complete list of lectures and panel discussions.

Alumni Week class and affinity reunions

Is your graduating class or affinity group meeting this year? Below is the 2016 list of reunions. If your group is not on the list, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 613-562-5857 or 1-800-465-1888.

May 3

  • École normale class of 1966 (50 years)

May 5

  • Translation 1990–1991 and members of the Alumni Chapter of Translation and Interpretation (25 years)
  • School of Information Studies (for alumni, students and faculty)
  • Translation 2006 (10 years)

May 6

  • Master of World Literatures and Cultures 2015 (one year)
  • Communication 1975–1977 (40 years)

May 6-7

  • Engineering: 1966 (50 years), 1976 (40 years), 1991 (25 years), 2006 (10 years), 2015 (one year)
  • Sociology 2006 (10 years)
  • Recreology 1991 (25 years)
  • School of International Development and Global Studies 2006 (10 years)
  • Physical Education, Recreology and Kinanthropology 1975–1977 (40 years)
  • Adventures in Engineering and Science summer camp (all former campers)

May 7

  • Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy 1990-1991 (25 years)

Amazing events

The signature event of Alumni Week 2016 is Come together uOttawa! — an evening of exceptional food and toe-tapping dance tunes. Hosted by the University’s Alumni Association, on May 7, it promises to be an evening of fun and fellowship, where all alumni can salute the recipients of the Alumni Association Awards of Excellence and outgoing president Allan Rock (LLB ’71) for their exemplary leadership. Take advantage of early-bird pricing by registering before March 31!

The Maker Mobile is a Makerspace on wheels. It brings equipment such as 3D printers and scanners, laser cutters and Arduino microcontrollers to schools, libraries and community centres across the region, to further creativity, problem-solving skills and interest in technology. On May 7, discover this fabulous new learning tool.

Who doesn’t like tasty meals at no cost? Bring on the food trucks. Meal options at the Alumni Week’s Food Truck Rally, on May 7, will feature a range of street food, including veggie and gluten-free treats.

Two men in their 20s, one dressed in a bright orange polo-styled shirt with “uOttawa” emblazoned on the front, pose for the camera. They stand beside a food truck, and a group of people are tightly crowded behind them waiting for service.
The Food Truck Rally will serve street food, including veggie and gluten-free options. Photo: University of Ottawa

Above is just a sampling of the Alumni Week 2016 activities. Learn more about all events, including Science Rendezvous and more. Since many of last year’s events were filled to capacity, remember to register early.

The University looks forward to welcoming you home!

Main photo:
Alumni Week is one time of the year when enthusiastic greetings between old friends are absolutely guaranteed. Photo: University of Ottawa

In a crowded room at a cocktail party, three women in their 20s laugh and smile.

Young alumni have many opportunities to socialize during Alumni Week. Photo: University of Ottawa

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