Living in rez

Living in residence is a great way to fully enjoy life at uOttawa and make new friends from across Canada and around the world. Plus, studies have shown that first-year students who stay in residence tend to adjust better to university and receive more support than students who choose to live off campus.  Our 10 on-campus residences provide comfort and convenience, allowing you to focus on your studies. Residence mentors and community advisors are available to provide academic and practical support. If you want, you can join one of our Living Learning Community residences, where like-minded students share your interest in volunteering, social justice and community engagement.

Life in residence

Great atmosphere, gatherings, friendships, convenience and a sense of community—these are some of things students say they appreciate most about living in residence at the University of Ottawa. Listen to what they have to say. And remember…living in residence is so much more than simply a place to live. And don’t be worried if it means stepping outside your comfort zone. Being in residence means you’ll have lots of great people around you!


The residence at 90 University, affectionately called 90U by students who live there, is part of the Residence Complex. This means that you’ll have a large laundry room, the Residence Association office, common rooms and a 24/7 reception desk at your fingertips. The 20-floor building is home to 617 students, but it also offers plenty of privacy — 90U is primarily made up of two-bedroom units with private bathrooms and kitchenettes. With common areas on every floor, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbours.


Located in the heart of the campus, Stanton is part of the Residence Complex (along with the Marchand and 90U residences). This means that you’ll have a large laundry room, the Residence Association office, common rooms and a 24/7 reception desk at your fingertips — not to mention amazing views of the Rideau Canal. From September to April, this recently renovated 368-bed residence is home to first-year students exclusively. With the University Centre and dining room only steps away, you’ll never have far to go to find exactly what you need.


The Henderson residence was the last to be built on uOttawa’s main campus, and its interior design makes it the envy of other students. Located on the south end of campus, near the science and engineering buildings, it’s the ideal location for the 172 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students who call it home.

The residence is host to a STEM Living Learning Community, where students can access academic support from upper-year mentors, participate in specialized study groups and workshops, and develop networks outside of the classroom.


The apartment-style Hyman Soloway residence is near the north end of the campus, an ideal location for students attending classes in the Desmarais Building or Hamelin Hall. Home to 239 residents, it is one of only three residences where students can stay for more than a year. The study room and lounge area are big draws for first-year students. And don’t forget to pick up your morning coffee at the Second Cup on the ground floor!


Location, location, location! If you want to be at the heart of the action, look no further than the Thompson residence. You’ll be steps away from some of the key spots on campus, like the 24/7 Dining Room, the Morisset Library and Café Nostalgica, where you can catch performances by local musicians while grabbing a bite. Thompson is also next to the University Centre, a gathering place for the entire campus community.

The 460 first-year students who call Thompson home enjoy recently renovated common areas and bathrooms, not to mention new furniture in every room.


With only 163 beds, Leblanc is the smallest residence on campus. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality. The residence is primarily home to francophone students, but it’s also a great place to live for those who want to improve their French, especially students enrolled in French immersion.

First-year students love Leblanc’s smaller size because it promotes a sense of community — it won’t be long before you’re stumbling upon impromptu jam sessions in the common area and sharing meals with your neighbours. If you share a double-occupancy room, it’s also one of the least expensive places to live on campus!


Residents of Marchand are spoiled with great views of the Rideau Canal, and there’s never a shortage of interesting people to admire them with. The world is at your fingertips in this 343-bed building, a home away from home for many foreign exchange students. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new from your neighbours, cook a meal together and swap stories about your day. The majority of units are single occupancy rooms, so when you’re ready to wind down you can also enjoy a space to call your own.

The Canadian and international students who live on the designated Living Learning Community floors share an interest in developing intercultural communication skills. Specialized programming, including workshops, guest speakers and socio-cultural activities, puts these students at an advantage in the global marketplace. But the best part is that you’ll be forming an international network of friends.

Marchand is part of the Residence Complex (along with the Stanton and 90U residences). This means that you’ll have a large laundry room, the Residence Association office, common rooms and a 24/7 reception desk at your fingertips.


Friel was uOttawa’s first off-campus residence, and it still offers the best in city living. With a 24-hour grocery store, a library, a bakery and the independent Bytowne Cinema nearby, you might never want to leave the neighbourhood. But if you do, the city buses that stop out front can take you all over Ottawa.

If you’re pulling late nights on campus, no worries about walking home alone on deserted streets. A simple phone call will connect you to the uOttawa Foot Patrol, a student-run service that will send volunteers to accompany you from anywhere to anywhere within a 45-minute walking radius.


The Rideau residence offers the best of both worlds: easy campus access, with some of Ottawa’s best restaurants and shopping only a short walk away in the Byward Market. Formerly a hotel, the building was recently converted into a residence with big double occupancy rooms, private bathrooms and cozy common areas that will make you feel right at home.

If you’re pulling all-nighters on campus, no worries about walking home alone on deserted streets. A simple phone call will connect you to the uOttawa Foot Patrol, a student-run service that will send volunteers to accompany you anywhere within a 45-minute walking radius.

45 Mann

Who said that residences can’t be luxurious? Right next to campus but a world away from typical student housing, 45 Mann was designed with comfort in mind, for students in second year and higher. In-unit laundry means you’ll never have to wait for a machine again. And no more arguments with roommates over dishes either, because each kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher. When it’s warm, you can keep cool in your air-conditioned apartment while watching the 43-inch TV in your living room. The building also boasts a fitness centre, study spaces, student lounges, a games room, a courtyard and interior bike parking.

Our houses

Our off-campus houses are perfect for students who want city living with the security of dealing with a trusted landlord — the University! Fully furnished, they come with heat, electricity and Wi-Fi included and are a great place to spend time with roommates. If you’re a student in second year or higher, these older single family and divided homes are geared towards you. You’ll love the Sandy Hill neighbourhood, just east of downtown with lots of cozy cafés and restaurants catering to students.

Off-campus housing

Some students prefer the independence of living on their own or with roommates off campus, but finding the right house or apartment can be daunting. We have experts on hand to help you make the right decision. Their checklists will show you what questions to ask your landlord, how to inspect facilities and how to avoid housing scams. We’ll also introduce you to Ottawa and Gatineau neighbourhoods so that you can find the best fit at the most affordable price.

Four-legged therapy at 90U

Sassy, Coco, Miso, Maze, Luther and Bella are some of the most popular names on campus. That’s because these specially trained therapy dogs are always ready to lend an ear or let you cuddle your cares away.

Everyone has days when depression, stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming, which is why the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) and Health Services (UOHS) offer this four-legged therapy to uOttawa students. If you’re experiencing a difficult or stressful situation, don’t hesitate to walk over to 90U for a comforting snuggle with a furry friend.

Learning communities

The Henderson, Marchand and Friel residences are home to three Living Learning Communities. Students are grouped on dedicated floors according to their areas of interest, making it easier to connect with like-minded residents. These communities help you develop skills outside of the classroom and offer plenty of opportunities to form fond memories during your first year at uOttawa.

Students with an interest in social justice and politics, health and wellness, environment and sustainability, or community building and youth empowerment can apply to live on the designated floors of one of these communities.

Friel residents

The Friel residents pictured here made 400 cupcakes for Ottawa Community Housing’s homework club. They had a ton of fun, but the hours they volunteered were also recorded on volunteering certificates from the Centre for Global and Community Engagement.

You can be an advocate for change and equality with the Social Justice & Politics Living Learning Community. Promote human rights, raise public awareness of critical social issues and encourage positive change through learning experiences and community service initiatives with various organizations in the city.

Community advisors

Community advisers are advanced level students who live in residence to help build a community atmosphere and uphold safety.

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Free Wi-Fi

We know that you need to be online to keep in touch with family and friends, research assignments or make plans for the weekend. Fear not — we have excellent Wi-Fi!

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Residence mentors

Live-in residence mentors work with the larger Residence Life team to develop academic-focused programming. They can help you “learn how to learn” by offering academic guidance. Mentors are also on hand to lead course-specific study groups and to help you prepare for exams.

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