Ottawa: The Place to be

You’ll love an easy-going lifestyle that appeals to urban adventurers and nature lovers alike. Enjoy a revitalized city that is bursting with energy. Gigs, festivals, theatre and art are all close by in a walkable downtown core. And, in Canada’s political epicentre and a #1 tech momentum market, you’ll have lots of opportunities to kick-start your career.

Proximity to Quebec

Explore la belle province by walking or cycling across the Alexandra Bridge. Take a short trip across the river from Ottawa’s downtown core and you’ll be immersed in Québécois culture.

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Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Each spring, over one million tulips bloom throughout the city. Why so many?

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Ottawa has more than 756,000 jobs

Light Rail - uOttawa Station

The east-west Confederation Line, part of of Ottawa’s new state-of-the-art light rail transit (LRT) project, is near the university campus.

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In the heart of the action in Ottawa! #nationalcapital #bywardmarket
Wander along the riverside to Remic Rapids Park late in the spring.

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Salute the sun with hundreds of yoga enthusiasts on the lawn of Parliament Hill on Wednesdays in the summer.
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Ottawa consistently ranks in the world's top 20 cities to live
This creepy haunted walk takes you to the old Carleton County Jail (now a youth hostel).

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Skating to class? Why not! #rideaucanal #winter #myottawa
Get your adrenaline pumping as you navigate a raft down the Ottawa River’s white-water rapids.
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Summon your courage to jump from Canada’s highest bungee site at Morrison’s Quarry.
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Tens of thousands of lights give Parliament Hill some sparkle and shine for the holidays.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Summertime brings concerts and the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony to the Hill. Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
The fall colours bring out the best in Parliament Hill’s historic buildings.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Every summer evening, a free sound-and-light show is projected on the Centre Block and Peace Tower. Photo credit: Tony Webster
Enjoy the peace and quiet of Parliament Hill when it’s covered by a blanket of snow.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Top Canadian performers and spectacular fireworks make Parliament Hill THE place to celebrate Canada Day.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Don’t deny your cravings — chomp down on a Beavertail, the famous Canadian pastry sold in the Byward Market.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
But first, coffee. #saturdaymorningvibes #goodmorning #rideau #mylowertown

Maman (sculpture)

One of the world’s largest arachnids calls the National Gallery home, and even those of you with a spider phobia will admire her beauty. The 30-foot-tall international contemporary art classic Maman (French for “mother”) welcomes visitors at the gallery’s entrance. Franco-American artist Louise Bourgeois chose a spider as a tribute to her mother because it alludes to her strength: the spinning and weaving of a spider’s web is symbolic of her mother’s work repairing tapestries and the sac of marble eggs at the sculpture’s belly represents motherhood and fertility.

GO SENS GO! #ottsports
 Ottawa is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada
Get up close to nature only minutes away from campus. With 165 kilometres of hiking trails and 90 kilometres designated for mountain bikers, Gatineau Park has a challenge for every fitness level.
It may not be as fast-paced as downhill, but cross-country skiing can still be invigorating. The Greenbelt encircling Ottawa has more than 150 km of trails for you to explore for free!Photo credit: NCC
There are four popular beaches right in town, but for a quieter afternoon you’ll find crystal clear lakes are only a short drive away in Gatineau Park.Photo credit: NCC
Ottawa's great outdoors will get you moving.
After a long day there’s not much that can beat kayaking on the Ottawa River. With spectacular views of the Parliament Buildings and beautiful sunsets, it’s hard to imagine a better way to unwind.
Photo credit: Ottawa Tourism
Yeah! You can stand-up paddle right by campus! #SUP #ottawariver #waterfun
The Ottawa River has some of the best paddling in the country. With easy access points to the water, stunning views and hundreds of places to explore, canoeing on the river is a popular way to explore the natural beauty of the city’s shoreline.Photo credit: NCC
Crisp clean air and the crunch of snow underfoot will beckon you to beautiful walks through the woods this winter. Gatineau Park, just a short trip from campus, has one of the largest networks of snowshoe trails in North America.
Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Ottawa. With more than 600 kilometres of bike paths in the National Capital Region, you can commute to campus or work, or take it slow and enjoy the scenery. Photo credit: NCC

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