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At uOttawa, you’ll have the freedom to test your limits by combining programs from various fields of study. Whether you’re a computer whiz with an interest in entrepreneurship, or an aspiring sports therapist who wants to gain some business savvy, we’ll help you find the winning formula.



Social Sciences




Health Sciences


Biomedical mechanical engineering

Biomedical systems such as artificial hearts and organs among the most complex mechanical devices ever invented. This program is ideal for people who want to specialize in the design of medical devices, implants and prosthetics, biocompatible materials for devices or implants, and even robotics for medical applications or rehabilitation.

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For millennia, humans have used living organisms to produce cheese, yoghurt and beer. More recently, biotechnology products such as insulin and vaccines have saved millions of lives. Imagine what future advances might be in store!

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International Development and Global Studies

uOttawa has one of the top 50 International Development programs in the world, according to the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

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Acting (BFA)

Think you’ve got the talent and tenacity that it takes to become an actor? It’s a great time to join uOttawa’s intensive and comprehensive three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting program. Seize the day!

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Conflict Studies and Human Rights

John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1969 plea to Give Peace a Chance still rings true today. The world needs smart, caring people like you to take on an ever-present need to resolve conflict and defend human rights. This interdisciplinary program provides a well-rounded view of the causes and consequences of many armed conflicts that persist around the world and explores ways to build sustainable peace.

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Civil Engineering

Shape your future and serve your community. Not only is civil engineering crucial for keeping the world’s infrastructure in working order, it’s a force for change. Be a part of that change by enrolling in uOttawa’s forward-thinking civil engineering program.

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Five good reasons to study political science

Studying political science at the University of Ottawa means gaining concrete skills thanks to one of the largest political and governmental studies departments in Canada!

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Three good reasons to study mechanical engineering at uOttawa

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Spotlight on uOttawa: Human Kinetics with Charbel

The School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa ranks among the top 50 in the world, with our two bachelor’s programs.

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Five good reasons to study communication

When you study communication at the University of Ottawa, you embark on an extraordinary journey. Regardless of whether you choose communication, digital journalism or public relations, each of these options is exceptional for several reasons.

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Spotlight on uOttawa: Mechanical Engineering with Peter

Combining mechanical engineering with business classes and graduating with a double degree is the perfect scenario for Peter.

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 The University of Ottawa ranks Among the top universities in the world

Source: Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020

Spotlight on uOttawa: Communication with Tristan

Although everybody says that university is much more difficult than high school, Tristan had the complete opposite experience, especially because of the way profs in communication make sure you’re ready for your career and not just the classroom.

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Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Science program is known as the most common path to medical school. It is unique due to its whole-person approach — in addition to science courses, you can take anatomy or psychology.

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Your interests vary widely and that’s okay: there are so many subjects to love in one lifetime. Can’t decide between music and science? The solution is simple at the University of Ottawa: combine them both in a single program!

Study at Telfer School of Management

The Telfer School of Management Bachelor of Commerce is a world-class program that allows you to build a professional network, through its numerous networking events, multicultural environment, international exchange program and Career Centre.

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There are plenty of possible combinations available within a single degree program, like international management and entrepreneurship! Find a program combination that’s as unique as you are!
At the University of Ottawa, we believe that diversity is enriching. That’s why you can study human kinetics while improving your administrative skills with a minor in business.
Are you looking to know more about how the human body functions and how the human brain works? Come study biomedical science and neuroscience in a combined program at the University of Ottawa.
Learn how living organisms grow and how to create chemical products that save lives! Study biochemistry AND chemical engineering in a combined degree program at the University of Ottawa!

Stand out as a bilingual professional

At the University of Ottawa, you can study in English, French or both. What’s more, you can hand in your assignments and write your exams in the official language of your choice, even if it’s not the language of instruction of your course! However, you must choose your program language of instruction when you apply. To find out what steps you need to take, see the various admission profiles.

Ontario high school

Secondary V


Study Criminology

The Criminology program is both internationally recognized and on the cutting edge. It avoids an elitist approach, and students know that they are working to further social justice.

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Programs to upgrade your English or French.

Designed with international students’ needs in mind, our second language intensive programs offer custom-made courses for you to upgrade your English or French before starting your studies at the University of Ottawa. With an added Canadian culture component, our second language intensive programs put the odds of success at uOttawa in your favour!

Civil Law

Studying civil law or common law at the University of Ottawa means having many outstanding experiences in a warm, inclusive and caring environment.

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At the University of Ottawa, we believe that balancing multiple interests is key to personal and professional success. Are you interested in economics and political science? Why not study both in a single program at the University of Ottawa.
At the University of Ottawa, you can study psychology while improving your knowledge of criminology by adding a major, a minor or simply by taking a few optional courses. See how you can study different disciplines in one program.
uOttawa is the 3rd best University in Ontario

Source : Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020

Are you interested in how humans are affecting our environment? One option is to study global change as part of an environmental sciences program, one of many possibilities at the University of Ottawa!

International Studies and Modern Languages

Offered in a bilingual setting, the International Studies and Modern Languages program is the only one of its kind in Canada that you can study in a G7 capital and allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of international issues and policy while mastering three languages, including English and French. You have access to internships at many international organizations and NGOs, along with 130 embassies and consulates.

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Delve into history while exploring the practical applications of second-language teaching. Choose the program combination that fits you best!
At the University of Ottawa, we offer programs that are tailored to your strengths! Do you want to have an impact on social change? Enrich your knowledge with a degree that combines women’s studies and ethics and political philosophy. Discover all the possible program combinations we offer.

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