Student Experience

You’ll grow so much as a person and have a blast as you take part in our vibrant and diverse range of sports, social activities, student clubs and on-campus events. Cheer for our competitive or varsity Gee-Gees teams, join an intramural sports league or sign up for one of our many on-campus recreational activities.

Gee-Gee pride

The “GGs” nickname was taken from the initials of uOttawa’s colours. It was eventually combined with the horse-racing term “gee-gee,” meaning the first horse out of the starting gate, and our horse mascot was born!

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Physical activity on campus

Exercise is one way to promote wellness and staying active has never been easier than at the University of Ottawa! Join one of our intramural sports leagues, choose from a range of fitness classes, or make the most of the various sports facilities right here on campus.

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Virtual Events

Our team is working hard to provide you with exciting, action-packed events to make you feel part of the Gee-Gees community. Check out the calendar of events for more info!

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The University of Ottawa hosts several festivals during the year, including Pride Week, the Peace Festival, the Mois de la Francophonie, etc. Are you a foodie? You’ll surely find something delicious to savour at uOttawa’s Poutine Festival or Comfort Food Festival.

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Clubs and associations

Why not pursue your interests and hobbies by joining one of many student clubs that focus on cultural, religious, sports or other interests, which are sponsored by the University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU). You can also get to know your peers and learn about opportunities in your field of study by joining your student association.

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Varsity and competitive sports teams

Even though they can’t hear us cheering them on right now, our Gee-Gee student athletes are preparing to return to the fray. We can’t wait to see them in action and we wish them well in their off-season training!

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