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At uOttawa we take your learning to the next level with co-operative education programs that develop professional skills with paid hands-on experience in your discipline. Discover a different part of the world on an international exchange, and take advantage of our flexible programs by combining disciplines to study what you want.

Have a burning idea that needs exploring? Don’t leave research for “later” — get started during your undergraduate degree. You’ll learn alongside top professors and researchers in our state-of-the-art facilities. Connect with issues as they happen with thoughtful guest speakers and influential visitors who will inspire and motivate you. We’re here to help you reach your full potential so that you’ll be prepared to tackle whatever professional challenges come your way.

Choose from our 450 programs and more than 100 disciplines, including honours, majors, minors and even double degrees. Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll help you make it happen.

Narimane just returned from a Summer Undergraduate International Research Internship (SIRI) in Taiwan. “I loved my experience. I have always dreamed of going to Asia, and I was not disappointed! The country was beautiful and so diverse in its landscapes, from beaches to skyscrapers to the city that inspired Spirited Away hidden away in the mountains. I got to not only enjoy my vacation but also to work in a lab, learning skills in histology and microscopy. At the end of my internship, I was able to visualize the cerebrovascular system of a rat brain slice using fluorescent dyes and a multi-photon microscope.”

Working while studying

While she was studying communication, Gabrielle found a job at Parks Canada through the Federal Student Work Experience Program. The job allowed her to help plan events and create posters and videos, and to write regularly. In spring 2018, after she graduated, her student job turned into a full-time job. “It’s really fun. I feel I’m listened to, and I see that my feedback is important. I like making real things that will be used and applying what I learned in my courses,” she says. What’s next? Attending the Montreal Summit on Innovation and meeting Snoop Dogg there!
The University of Ottawa ranks among the top 2% of universities in the world. We can set you on the path to the career you really want.
Spotlight on uOttawa: Biomed with Céline Céline studied biomedical science and is now pursuing medicine. She feels lucky to have received such great support from her professors and the staff at uOttawa. The biomed program, which gave her lots of flexibility and freedom to pick courses, definitely helped prepare her for the rigours of medical school.
This fall, Rohan, a software engineering student, secured a work term at Kijiji in Toronto. “During my short time at Kijiji, I’ve been mostly working on enhancing the new front-end for their website with a team of brilliant developers. More specifically, I’m working on restyling the current flow of posting an ad on Kijiji (it’s prettier now). Their office has the culture and environment of a startup, regardless of their long-lasting presence in the market. Working on a platform which millions of Canadians resort to for selling their items and services has been a great learning experience to ensure quality and user accessibility in everything that’s shipped. On top of that, the nerf gunfights are pretty sweet.”

Interested in a global experience or an international career?

The University of Ottawa has the most international exchange and placement programs in Ontario, and we’re among the top 4 in Canada. We’re focused on global experiences for our students, teachers and researchers, and we have academic partnerships with more than 270 universities from 50 countries. Find out more about our exchange programs.
Making the top three at a national competition, three years’ running As members of Enactus uOttawa, students collaborate on cutting-edge projects that have a lasting social impact on communities. This energetic campus club takes a business-minded approach to solving social problems. Teams of students from diverse backgrounds unleash their entrepreneurial spirit to make the world a better place, showcasing their best ideas at national and global competitions. As they join forces with communities to create social enterprises and useful training programs, Enactus entrepreneurs typically aim high.
Caroline, a student in psychology and linguistics, started working in a learning centre while doing her bachelor’s. As an educational support worker, she helps students with attention disorders or learning disabilities, offering them learning strategies they can use in school. “It’s really interesting to see how the theory we learn in our courses is reflected in real life. I find it gratifying to see that the help I give students has a genuine impact on their life. I really feel more confident and better prepared for the workforce.” Caroline plans to do a master’s in Speech-Language Pathology after her bachelor’s, and the clinic has already offered her the chance to come back full time when she graduates!
The Programs and courses site is the official source of information on undergraduate and graduate programs and courses offered at the University of Ottawa. It shows you the basic structure of each program, including the number of units (credits) needed to graduate, the compulsory and optional courses as well as course prerequisites and descriptions. You can also see which programs offer CO-OP and French immersion.
Your interests vary widely and that’s okay: there are so many subjects to love in one lifetime. Can’t decide between music and science? The solution is simple at the University of Ottawa: combine them both in a single program!
Spotlight on uOttawa: Management with Tristan When Tristan left Montreal to study at the Telfer School of Management, he quickly fell in love with Ottawa. Although he was only 17 when he enrolled in university, he quickly created a network that has allowed him to work on a number of projects.
There are plenty of possible combinations available within a single degree program, like international management and entrepreneurship! Find a program combination that’s as unique as you are!
Caption: Growcer project manager Alida Burke and Enactus uOttawa president Corey Ellis in Iqaluit.

Learning and growing together for a better world When Corey Ellis and Alida Burke ran entrepreneurship workshops in Iqaluit, they experienced firsthand the challenges posed by food insecurity in Canada’s North. Undaunted by these challenges, they worked with other members of Enactus uOttawa to find a solution. Meet “The Growcer”, a high-yield hydroponic farming system using no soil and minimal water, powered by low-cost LED lights, and employing local people. “We wanted to support the communities’ goals for local food and self-reliance, and reduce dependence on expensive imports,” Corey says. They hope to get Growcers up and running soon in a dozen other sites, mostly First Nations and Inuit communities – a remarkable way to cap off a formative university experience with lasting impact. Visit enactusuOttawa.ca to be inspired.
Study and work. Put what you’re learning into practice with CO-OP. Alternating between study terms and work placements, you’ll gain 16 months of hands-on experience in your field. You’ll also earn while you learn — between $35,000 and $45,000 over the course of your four work placements. CO-OP placements are also an opportunity to brush up on your interview skills and build valuable professional networks so you’re workplace-ready when you graduate.
At the University of Ottawa, we believe that diversity is enriching. That’s why you can study human kinetics while improving your administrative skills with a minor in business.
Caption: Priyanka, right, met her friend Maeghan in uOttawa’s French Immersion program.

French immersion boosts the value of her BSc
Priyanka felt hesitant about taking science courses in French, but in the University of Ottawa’s unique immersion program, this student from Markham got all the support she needed to become comfortably bilingual while earning a biology degree. “I soon realized that the professors were there to help, and the francophone students were perfectly at ease having English speaking classmates in the courses,” Priyanka says.
Ottawa has the highest number of residents with postsecondary education in Canada, and 44% of residents are bilingual.
Are you looking to know more about how the human body functions and how the human brain works? Come study biomedical science and neuroscience in a combined program at the University of Ottawa.
French Immersion Studies. The University of Ottawa is the only university to offer French immersion, available in nearly three quarters (86) of our programs. Through French immersion, you can receive more funding, thanks to a $1,000 a year French Studies Bursary, but more than that, you enjoy outstanding support and accommodation measures to help you succeed in your second language. Your academic average won’t suffer because you can receive qualitative (pass/fail) grades for certain courses, and nearly every course allows you to complete your assignments in either French or English. We’re there to support you with conversation groups and a writing centre, and you can join the Club d’immersion to experience Francophone culture through social activities. When you graduate you’ll earn a special mention on your diploma and a certificate confirming your second language skills to future employers.
Learn how living organisms grow and how to create chemical products that save lives! Study biochemistry AND chemical engineering in a combined degree program at the University of Ottawa!
Paying for your studies. Did you know that if you register in a French-language program, French immersion or extended French you could get a $4,000 bursary? Also, if you’re facing financial difficulties, have high grades or are active in your community, the University of Ottawa offers scholarships, bursaries and financial aid that may be just right for you. Each year, we award close to $42M to students at the undergrad level. Regardless of your situation, we can help you pay for your studies!
Meet Sebastian, a young Ottawa-born superhero. As his left hand is partially deformed, he was not able to grip objects or ride his bike. A conventional prosthetic hand would have cost his family $20,000 a year, and would have had to be changed as he grew. A University competition was organized to create a hand for Sebastian using the 3D printer at the Richard L’Abbé Makerspace. The new hand would have to be inexpensive and easy to alter and reprint. Sebastian chose a design by Shannon Lee, Robert Rayson and Ruben Fernandez whose orange colour made him look like his favourite superhero, Iron Man. The three designers won a cash prize, and felt very proud at having drastically improved the quality of life of Sebastian, who’s now able to ride his bike while looking like a superhero.
The Biomedical Science program is known as the most common path to medical school. It is unique due to its whole-person approach — in addition to science courses, you can take anatomy or psychology. You can also customize your program by adding one of many options, including neuroscience, cellular and molecular medicine, and medicinal chemistry. Would you like to graduate with both a degree recognized worldwide and tangible career experience? Choose the CO-OP program in biomedical science, which allows you to do 16 months of paid work terms around the globe!
Build your personal and professional networks while giving back to the community at uOttawa’s one-stop shop for volunteering. The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement will arrange volunteer opportunities in Ottawa and around the world to help you gain experience in your field of study. Every volunteer hour completed during your studies is certified by your Co-curricular Record, and you can even replace a course assignment with a professor-approved community service placement.
The Biomedical Science program is a great entry point into med school, the one most often chosen by our students.
If you’re wondering if the program you’re considering will lead to the career you want, check out the “What can I do with my studies?” page. You’ll find lots of information on job requirements and employment forecasts related to areas of study offered at the University of Ottawa.
At the University of Ottawa, you can study in English, French or both. What’s more, you can hand in your assignments and write your exams in the official language of your choice, even if it’s not the language of instruction of your course! However, you must choose your program language of instruction when you apply. To find out what steps you need to take, see the various admission profiles.

Ontario high school

Secondary V

Do undergraduate research. You’ve got the drive and the ideas, so don’t wait for graduate studies to start your research. Work with some of the world’s top researchers and institutes in cutting-edge labs and facilities during the second or third year of your undergraduate degree — you can do it with the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) or the Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (SIRI).
Plan your budget. Be sure to check the financial planning page to download the cash-flow worksheet to plan a budget that works for you. It’s a really handy tool!
Spotlight on uOttawa: Criminology with Nevena Nevena chose uOttawa due to the reputation of its Department of Criminology, and she certainly wasn’t disappointed.
Programs to upgrade your English or French. Designed with international students’ needs in mind, our second language intensive programs offer custom-made courses for you to upgrade your English or French before starting your studies at the University of Ottawa. With an added Canadian culture component, our second language intensive programs put the odds of success at uOttawa in your favour!
The University of Ottawa is among the 10 best universities in Canada according to the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the 2018 U.S News & World Report Best Global Universities, the 2017 CWTS Leiden Ranking, and the 2017 Academic Ranking of World Universities.
Studying civil law or common law at the University of Ottawa means having many outstanding experiences in a warm, inclusive and caring environment. Ottawa is the ideal place to article — whether at the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice or one of the many large national firms — to gain work experience before you graduate. You can also participate in the CO-OP program and complete paid work placements, offer your time pro bono to get to know the legal environment and serve your community, and attend exciting seminars on mediation and pleading. As well, the University offers a four-year joint program in civil law and international development, unique in Canada, through which you receive a double degree. With all of these rewarding experiences, achieving your goals is a sure thing!
Stand out as a bilingual professional. Speaking a second language will get you ahead in the workplace and in life. The University of Ottawa is the largest English-French bilingual university in the world, and allows you to study in French, in English or in both. You have the right to produce your written work and answer exam questions in the language of your choice, which will allow you to practice and improve your second language, without jeopardizing grades! Bilingual students will graduate with a richer student life, more job opportunities and higher paying jobs!
Ottawa has more than 728,000 jobs, with more than 25,000 employers. The city boasts the most stable employment rate in Canada.

Aleksander (top-right), Victoire (bottom-right).

Our Aeroplan Miles program lets you take off

The cost of airfare is one of the major obstacles for students hoping to travel overseas, but the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement’s Aeroplan Miles program can get you there. Generous alumni and others donate their Aeroplan Miles to send uOttawa students around the world for meaningful community service. A selection committee awards the points to students like Aleksander Brezar, a fourth-year medical student, and Victoire Kpadé, a biochemistry major with a minor in health sciences.

Brezar dreams of becoming a doctor for a humanitarian organization, but he lacked experience in relevant medical settings. The three weeks he spent working in a clinic in an impoverished township near Cape Town, South Africa, have helped him gain the hands-on experience he needs to get closer to his career goals.

Kpadé was curious about a career in international medicine and global public health. The Aeroplan Miles Program helped her get to Ghana, where she worked as a volunteer medical assistant for four months. The experience gave her a renewed focus on her work. When she returned to uOttawa she went on to earn the highest grades of her university career.

At the University of Ottawa, we believe that balancing multiple interests is key to personal and professional success. Are you interested in economics and political science? Why not study both in a single program at the University of Ottawa.
The Criminology program is both internationally recognized and on the cutting edge. It avoids an elitist approach, and students know that they are working to further social justice. If you want to work in Quebec after you graduate, it is not hard to be recognized by the Ordre professionnel des criminologues du Québec. As well, many students use the option to add an internship to gain work experience with the RCMP, non-governmental organizations or governmental departments such as Correctional Service Canada.
Get the world-class education you want on our centrally located campus, with all the benefits of being downtown.
The Telfer School of Management Bachelor of Commerce is a world-class program that allows you to build a professional network, through its numerous networking events, multicultural environment, international exchange program and Career Centre. The school’s bilingual character lets you develop the French skills you need to compete, first for paid CO-OP positions, and then, for full time work, be it in international business, the technology sector, the public service, or whatever career you choose.
Ottawa is home to Canada’s largest research facility, the National Research Council. The Government of Canada’s premier research and technology organization works with clients and partners to provide innovation support, strategic research, and scientific and technical services.
Automatic scholarships. It pays to get good grades! Discover how you could get up to $10,000 automatically during your studies at the University of Ottawa with our automatic scholarships program!
The International Studies and Modern Languages program allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of international issues and policy while mastering three languages, including English and French. By exposing you to views from a wide range disciplines, including economics, geography, history and world religions, and providing you with a solid, comprehensive background in political science, the program prepares you for careers focused on international matters. Moreover, the University of Ottawa has hundreds of exchanges and partnerships, enabling you to take courses abroad and improve your second or third language skills.
At the University of Ottawa, you can study psychology while improving your knowledge of criminology by adding a major, a minor or simply by taking a few optional courses. See how you can study different disciplines in one program.
Are you interested in how humans are affecting our environment? One option is to study global change as part of an environmental sciences program, one of many possibilities at the University of Ottawa!

Study abroad and explore the world

Discover the world while earning uOttawa credits on an international exchange. Learn or perfect a language, explore a new culture, and develop an international network of contacts. You’ll even benefit from a guaranteed mobility scholarship of $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the amount of time you spend abroad.

The largest CO-OP program in the Ottawa region, with more paid work terms to gain experience and earn up to $45,000 during your degree. Placements are available in startups, large businesses, NGOs or the government.
Delve into history while exploring the practical applications of second-language teaching. Choose the program combination that fits you best!
Offered in a bilingual setting, the International Studies and Modern Languages program is the only one of its kind in Canada that you can study in a G7 capital. You have access to internships at many international organizations and NGOs, along with 130 embassies and consulates. The University of Ottawa ranks among the 100 top universities in the world for politics and international studies (QS 2017).
At the University of Ottawa, we offer programs that are tailored to your strengths! Do you want to have an impact on social change? Enrich your knowledge of history and spirituality with a degree that combines women’s studies and aboriginal studies. Discover all the possible program combinations we offer.
Ottawa is home to the Government of Canada, Parliament and the Supreme Court. The federal government employs more than 110,000 people in the city.

A banner year for CO-OP

Students and employers seem to have a growing appetite for CO-OP placements. With steady growth for the fourth year in a row, the CO-OP program helped close to 3,000 uOttawa students gain real world experience in the workplace in 2016.

Our location in the nation’s capital and our reputation as a bilingual university put uOttawa students at an advantage for positions with the Canadian government, where there’s a big demand for bilingual applicants. But many of our CO-OP students also look outside of Ottawa to add a little adventure to their work placements: last year 230 students worked in cities across the country, and 104 went abroad.

Almost 2,000 companies represent diverse sectors of Ottawa’s knowledge-based industry. These companies, working in defence and security, life sciences, clean technology and digital media, employ more than 75,000 people across the region.

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