Accepted locations

Your uOttawa card is linked to a 24/7 Dining Hall account, a Dining dollar account and a flex account. The uOttawa card gives you the convenience of using just one card to make purchases across campus. The easiest way to add funds, check your account balances, view your transaction history or deactivate your uOttawa card if it is lost or stolen, is to go online. If your card stops working, there are a number of fixes you can try; however, you can also visit the uOttawa Card Service in person during regular hours for anything related to your uOttawa card.

Where can you use your 5 day or 7 day meal plan account?

At the 24/7 All-you-care-to-eat Dining Hall 

The 24/7 Dining Hall is located on the first floor of the University Centre. In addition, if your plan includes a dining $ account, you can use this account to purchase food prepared on campus at any other campus location without paying the tax! You can top up your declining dining $ at any time. 

Using your card for access

Students will need to use their uOttawa card to enter the following locations.

Exam halls

You are required to present your uOttawa card to write your exams.


Your uOttawa card is used to access Morisset Library after hours. If you have any outstanding library fees, you will not be allowed access until all fees are paid in full. Additionally, as your official library card, your uOttawa card can be used at affiliated libraries (Saint-Paul University and Carleton University, etc.).

Sports Services

Your uOttawa card is your official access card for all Sport Services facilities at the University.

SASS – Student Academic Success Service

For some SASS services, students may be are required to use their uOttawa card to register upon arrival .

Health Services

If you are a uOttawa student whose uOttawa card is valid for the current term, you will need to present your card every time you visit the University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS); otherwise, you will be billed for certain services that are normally covered by insurance. If you don't have your student card with you, or if your card has expired, you can still use UOHS services but you will need to pay for uninsured services on site. You will be refunded if you return to UOHS with a valid uOttawa card within seven days.

Present your card at:

  • 100 Marie Curie (walk-in clinic, second and third floors)
  • 801 King Edward (Suites N203 and N207)
  • 1 Nicholas (Suite 302)
  • 316 Rideau (second floor)
Where can you pay using dining dollars?

Students who have the Pay-as-you-go plan only have dining $, with no funds set aside for the 24/7 Dining Hall. However, they can use their Dining $ account to pay the door rate at the Dining Hall, thereby saving the 13% tax. Students who purchased a 5 day or 7 day meal plan also have a Dining Dollar account, allowing them to save the 13% tax on food prepared on campus at over 20 campus locations listed below.

  • 24/7 All-you-care-to-eat dining hall ― University Centre (door rate applies)
  • Café + ― Tabaret Hall
  • L’Alibi ― Fauteux Hall
  • Second cup ― Morisset Library
  • Starbucks ― Desmarais Hall
  • Tim Express ― University Centre, 0 level
  • Café Écolo ― Lamoureux Hall
  • Food court ― SITE
  • Première Moisson ― Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Le Bac-à-Frites ― Entrance of lot K near Simard Hall
  • Le Bac + - Exterior of Fauteux
  • Olé Bolé - Corner of CRX
  • Café Nostalgica ― 603 Cumberland Street
  • The Draft pub ― Sports Complex
  • Café Lees ― 200 Lees Avenue
  • Second Cup - Hyman Soloway residence
  • Café Esculape ― Roger Guindon hall
Where can you use your Flex Dollars?


You can use your Flex $ for food anywhere on campus where the uOttawa Card is accepted!

Printers, photocopiers and the docUcentre

Your Flex can be used at any printing and photocopying locations on campus, including any purchase at thedocUcentres.


  • As an added bonus, during peak periods of September and January, students who use their flex account for payment will have access to an express payment lane (University centre location only).
  • You are charged for full number of pages you print, so be sure to check your work carefully before you print it.

uOttawa Campus Store

You can use your uOttawa card for any purchase at the University Campus Store.  As an added bonus, during peak periods in September and January, students who use their Flex for payment will have access to an express payment lane.

Vending machines

Vending machines at the locations listed below accept your card.  Just tap your card on the reader as indicated on the vending machines, and select your product.  Locations of vending machines that accept your Flex: 

  • 90 University, first floor
  • Morisset Hall, second floor
  • Desmarais Hall, second floor
  • Arts Hall, second floor overpass
  • Morisset Hall, level 0 near study hall
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, first floor near elevators
  • Lamoureux Hall, second floor overpass
  • Sports Complex, entrance on Templeton
  • Montpetit, basement and 2nd floor
  • Marchand Residence, first floor
  • Thompson Residence, first floor


You can pay library late fees at Morisset, Fauteux and Roger Guindon with your Flex. Additionally, your uOttawa card is your official library card and you can use it at affiliated libraries (Saint-Paul University and Carleton University, etc.).

Academic Writing Help Centre

You can use your Flex $ at the Academic Writing Help Centre to print your assignments or to purchase the French writing guide Outils de rédaction.

Laundry machines

Laundry machines at the following locations only accept the uOttawa card.

  • 90 University Private
  • Brooks
  • Hyman Soloway
  • Leblanc
  • Marchand
  • Stanton
  • Thompson

Access your uOttawa Card to:

  • View your balance
  • Add funds
  • Deactivate your card


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