Boxed Lunch Program


Given the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Food Services is temporarily modifying eligibility requirements for the Boxed Lunch program.

Students who have purchased a 5-day and 7-day meal plan and are facing challenges accessing the meals they need can email the uOttawa Card Office and request access to the Boxed Lunch Program. Please note that Food Services may review and revise this program as the situation progresses.

The boxed lunch program is for students who have paid for a 5-day or 7-day meal plan.  

If you are one of these students, and you have classes or coop placement anywhere outside the main campus and cannot make it to the Dining Hall, you can pick up a boxed lunch prior to leaving the campus for your class. 

How the program works:

  1. Check your eligibility: you must be registered for a 5-day or 7-day meal plan to be eligible AND have classes or coop placement anywhere outside the main campus.
  2. Register for the program: go to the uOttawa Card Service Office with your timetable to prove that you are in the coop program or attending a class that will be held at either Roger-Guindon Hall, 200 Lees, Algonquin College, Saint-Paul University or La Cité collegial.
  3. Participate in the program:
  • Use the free Boost app to order your lunch the day before you need it.
  • Once you have picked your boxed lunch up, you will be locked out of the Dining Hall for the next three (3) hours.
  • Remember to pick up your lunch on the morning of your class.

Students who are not eligible for boxed lunches but whose course timetable has 5 consecutive hours or more, and who would like to participate in the program are asked to send an email to the uOttawa Card Service uOttawa

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