Get your uOttawa Card

The uOttawa card is your official student identification card. You can use your uOttawa card to make purchases and to access a wide variety of services. If you are not a student, you may purchase a Discover uOttawa card for $3.

Buy a Visitor Card

Visitor cards are also known as Discover uOttawa cards. Now visitors and University employees can enjoy the same purchasing convenience that students enjoy with their uOttawa cards. Discover uOttawa cards draw funds from a Flex dollar account and cost only $3.

How to buy a  Discover uOttawa Card

Replace a lost or stolen card

Lost or stolen uOttawa cards should be deactivated immediately. You are responsible for all transactions made prior to the card’s deactivation.

Sending an email or leaving a voice message does not constitute proper notification of a lost or stolen card. You must follow the procedure for lost or stolen uOttawa cards.

If you were issued a student card prior to July 2011, you can exchange your old card for a new one free of charge. You can also replace an expired card by bringing the proper ID required to collect a uOttawa card to InfoService or the uOttawa Card Service office.

Access your uOttawa Card to:

  • View your balance
  • Add funds
  • Deactivate your card


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