Obtaining your uOttawa card in person

When and where you can pick up your uOttawa card

Valid pieces of photo identification are required to pick up your uOttawa card. Although your uOttawa card is automatically renewed whenever you register for courses, you will notice that your card has an expiry date printed on the back. You must keep your card for the duration of your studies at the University of Ottawa. 

To have your photo and card printed: 

  • You must be registered for courses to obtain a student card.
  • At InfoService (TBT 129) or the uOttawa Card Service (UCU 104).

Picking up a student card that was ordered online:

To learn more about your uOttawa Card and how to use it, consult the Managing your uOttawa Card page.

Photo standards

  • You may wear tinted prescription glasses so long as your eyes are clearly visible.
  • Sunglasses cannot be worn.
  • A hat cannot be worn.

Special cases

Veiled students (partially hidden face)

Women wearing a veil (partially hidden face) can make an appointment to go to InfoService before opening hours of 9 a.m. to be photographed without their veil by a female employee.

Access your uOttawa Card to:

  • View your balance
  • Add funds
  • Deactivate your card


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