Lost or stolen uOttawa cards

Lost or stolen uOttawa cards should be deactivated immediately. You are responsible for any transactions made prior to the card’s deactivation.

What you should do next

  1. Deactivate your card
    This is the only way to protect the funds in your accounts. 
  2. If you lose your card.
    In many cases, if you lose your uOttawa card, you can find it by retracing your steps. The lost and found office is also a good place to look. Cards that are lost on campus are often returned to the uOttawa Card Service within a few days. If this is the case, uOttawa Card Service will send an email to your uOttawa email account. If you have deactivated your card on line, and later find it, you will need to report to the uOttawa Card Service in person to reactivate your card. If you don’t need your card right away, we recommend that you wait a few days before replacing it.
  3. If your card is stolen, report it.
    If you know or suspect that your card has been stolen on campus, report the theft to Protection Services so that they can investigate. 
  4. Replacing your card
    If you cannot find your uOttawa card, you will need to replace it. To do so, you may either go to InfoService or to the uOttawa Card Service during regular office hours. To be issued with a new card, you will need to present the proper ID required to obtain a uOttawa card. Once a new card has been issued, funds left on your lost or stolen uOttawa card will automatically be transferred to the new card. You will be charged a $25 fee to replace your card.

Note: Once a replacement uOttawa card has been issued, the original uOttawa card becomes inactive. Should you find an inactive card, we ask that you destroy it.

What should I do if I find someone’s card?

If you find someone’s uOttawa card, please return it to the uOttawa Card Service.  We will contact the student and let them know that someone has returned their card. If you are off campus, you can mail it to us.  

I also lost my U-PASS, where should I go?

If you lost your U-Pass, you may replace it at the uOttawa Card Service (UCU 104). You will be required to pay a $25 non-refundable replacement fee and present your student ID or an official government ID with photo.

Please note that once your U-Pass is replaced, the lost card is hotlisted and will no longer work. This is not reversible.

Access your uOttawa Card to:

  • View your balance
  • Add funds
  • Deactivate your card


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