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Your uOttawa card is linked to a 24/7 Dining Hall account, a Dining dollar account and a Flex account. The uOttawa card gives you the convenience of using just one card to make purchases across campus. The easiest way to add funds, check your account balances, view your transaction history or deactivate your uOttawa card if it is lost or stolen, is to go online. If your card stops working, there are a number of fixes you can try; however, you can also visit the uOttawa Card Service in person during regular hours for anything related to your uOttawa card.

Types of accounts

24/7 All-you-care-to-eat dining hall account

Students with the 5 day or 7 day meal plans will have 24-hour access to the All-you-care-to-eat Dining Hall, either 5 days a week or 7 days a week, depending on the meal plan.

Individuals who purchase Block plan must manage the number of times they enter the Dining Hall. They can check their balance of Dining Hall entries at the hall itself or in person at the uOttawa Card Service. Please check the meal plan page for further details on the 24/7 Dining Hall.

Dining dollar meal plan account

Those who purchase the Pay-as-you-go meal plan or the 5 day and 7 day meal plans will or can add funds in a dining dollar account.

Dining dollars can be used at any of the 22 locations that sell food on campus.  When you purchase food prepared on campus with this account, you do not pay tax! As you purchase food, your balance in this account declines, but you can check this balance on line, at the checkout of any participating food service location, or at the uOttawa Card Service office.

Flex account

A Flex account is for anyone with a uOttawa Card or Discover uOttawa card. It is a flexible, worry-free alternative to carrying cash. It is fast and convenient: all you need to do is tap and go. It works just like a debit card, but without any transaction costs or monthly fees.  

You can use your flex account wherever the uOttawa Card is accepted on campus; it can be used to pay for printing, copying, buying books, late fees, food and much more.

Funds in your flex account remain valid for six years after the last transaction date. For example, if you added funds to your flex account today, those funds would remain on your card for at least six years. Note: A $25 administration fee will be deducted from the uOttawa card account balance prior to any refund being issued.

You can view your balance on line, during a transaction or in person at the uOttawa Card Service. You can also add funds to your flex account on line, at cash-to-card dispenser and reloading stations or in person at the uOttawa Card Service.

Disputing Charges

If you notice that one of your uOttawa card accounts has been charged for a transaction that you did not authorize, you must first try to settle the problem directly with the service provider. If you are not able to successfully resolve a purchase disagreement with a service provider and you wish to dispute the charge deducted from your uOttawa card account, you must notify the uOttawa Card Service in person within 30 calendar days of the date of the charge.

Note: Disputing a charge does not guarantee your account will be credited with the disputed amount. Each disputed charge is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Access your uOttawa Card to:

  • View your balance
  • Add funds
  • Deactivate your card


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