The U-Pass is a mandatory bus pass program for all graduate and undergraduate full-time students at University of Ottawa. The U-Pass has come into effect through SFUO and GSAED referendums and through collaboration with OC Transpo and STO.  

Eligible Students

Since most courses are offered virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U-Pass will be automatically applied only to students with at least one in-person course.

U-Pass is a mandatory program for all undergraduate and graduate students who are registered full-time at the University of Ottawa, and are enrolled in at least one in-person course. Students who are exclusively taking virtual courses will not receive the U-Pass by default. To opt-in the U-Pass program, students will need to meet one of the criteria.

Although the program is mandatory for eligible students, there are some cases where you could be exempted. These exemptions criteria are still valid and are currently the only options for being accepted.

Eligible for opt-in?

If you were not automatically charged for the U-Pass, make sure you meet one of the criteria before taking further steps. To opt-in to U-Pass program, you must first ensure you have not been charged the U-Pass on your student account and then you must complete the opt-in form in uoZone and provide us with the necessary documentation.

Ineligible Students

  • Students who are registered as part-time or become part-time during the term.
  • Students who have officially withdrawn from their program during the term.
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