Get or replace your U-Pass

Since most courses are delivered virtually for the fall 2020 term, only full-time students taking at least one in-person course will automatically be charged for the mandatory U-Pass program.

If you are taking all your courses virtually but still want to obtain a U-Pass for the fall and that you meet at least one eligibility criteria, you can submit an opt-in application in uoZone.

Exemption criteria have not been modified.

Get a first U-Pass or replace a lost U-Pass
You must pick up your first U-Pass in person.

Getting your U-Pass in person is simple! Once you have been charged the U-Pass fee on your student account, you can come pick up your U-Pass at the student lounge of Jock Turcot University Centre (UCU, level 0). Please note:

  • You may not send a friend, family member, or other third party to pick up or replace your U-Pass.
  • Government issued photo ID or your uOttawa Card is required.
  • NEVER throw away, bend or put holes in your U-Pass. Lost or damaged U-Passes cost $25 to replace.

Fall 2020

The U-Pass program is resuming service for eligible students for fall 2020.

Eligibility: Before picking up your U-Pass, check your student account to ensure you have been charged for the U-Pass. If you were, you will be able to recharge your card at one of the recharging stations or get your first card. If you were not, please check the eligibility criteria and apply. You may pick up your card only once your application has been officially confirmed.

Where: At the student lounge of Jock Turcot University Centre (UCU, level 0)

When: Between August 19 and September 18. Check the distribution schedule.

What to bring:

  • Your student number
  • Your student card or one piece of government-issued photo ID

Distribution schedule

Consult the Fall 2020 hours of operations of the U-Pass distribution location.

COVID-19 safety precautions

To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, we have put in place certain measures for the in-person distribution of the U-Pass.

  • Physical distancing: We have set-up directional signage and floor indicators to ensure you respect the physical distancing requirements (at least two metres/6 feet from other persons) at all times during the distribution process;
  • Masks: You are required to wear a mask or face-covering that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin while inside buildings, which includes the U-Pass distribution location;
    • You will be asked to temporarily remove your mask for us to take your picture;
  • Hand hygiene: You must use the hand sanitizer provided to you;
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures: We will be cleaning all areas regularly according to the strictest hygiene standards, and we’re increasing the frequency of cleaning in high-traffic areas. 

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry-cough, chest pains, difficulty breathing, etc.) or if you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, please AVOID coming to campus.

Recharge your U-Pass

Don’t throw away your U-Pass! If you have received a blue U-Pass, you must renew it at a recharging station.

If you throw away your U-Pass or if you lose it, a 25$ non-refundable replacement fee will be due prior to obtaining a new card. The replacement fee must be paid in person and cannot be applied to your student account.

Recharge your U-Pass

Where: recharging stations are located at UCU – level 0, just across the Campus Store (look for the blue U-Pass wall). A recharging station is also available at the Roger-Guindon Hall across from the library. 

What to bring: your U-Pass

When can I recharge my U-Pass?

  • Spring/Summer 2020 – Due to COVID-19, the U-Pass program has been suspended for the spring/summer term.
  • Fall 2020 – The recharging stations will be functional as of August 19, 2020.

How do I know which recharging station to use?

  1. Make sure to tap your U-Pass at the right recharging station. Recharging stations are linked with the last two digits of your student number.
  2. Remember, you only tap once and wait for the green light – it really is that easy

How to recharge your U-Pass



Replace your U-Pass

Did you lose your card?

If you lost your U-Pass, we recommend waiting a day or two prior to getting it replaced as it may be returned. To help in your search, there are a few things you can do:
  1. Contact the uOttawa Lost and Found Office. They can be reached at 613-562-5800, ext. 4636 or in person in UCU 02A.
  2. Contact Hearthwood House. They manage the lost and found items for OC Transpo and can be reached at 613-563-4011 or in person at 404 McArthur Ave in Ottawa.

Replace your U-Pass

If your U-Pass is not found, from August 19 and September 16, you can get it replaced at the distribution center. See schedule. Beyond that, you may replace it at the uOttawa Card Service (UCU 104). You will be required to pay a $25 non-refundable replacement fee and present your student ID or an official government ID with photo.

Please note that once your U-Pass is replaced, the lost card is hotlisted and will no longer work. This is not reversible.

Was your card stolen?

If your U-Pass card was stolen, it can be replaced free of charge if you have a police report (must submit the police report, the report number alone isn’t sufficient).

Did you find a U-Pass?

You can return it to the uOttawa Card Service (UCU 104). We have a dropbox in case you come after hours. If you’re not on campus, feel free to drop it in any mailbox, or at an OC Transpo location.

Card not working?

If your card isn’t working, you will need to bring it to the uOttawa Card Service (UCU 104) so we can determine why.

If the card has been damaged, rendering the smart card defective, you will be required to pay a non-refundable replacement fee of $25. We must retain the non-working card in order to make a replacement.

How to recharge your U-Pass

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