Opening a change request

The uoWeb team is happy to receive change requests from the user community. This document outlines the best way for you to file them, and what information you should provide us with.

There are four different procedures here:

  • Use the CyberSOS form for non-urgent requests if you do not have access to another tool.
  • Use ServiceNow if you have access and are comfortable filling out the New Incident form.
  • Use JIRA if you have access and are a member of our team.
  • Use email or a telephone call for the most urgent requests.

Using CyberSOS

Most users should use the CyberSOS form (which is linked to ServiceNow) to submit a request to our team. These requests will be assigned to our group and actioned using our JIRA tracking system.

Set the Subject to "Web Support" and fill out your information. In the "Detailed description", please include the following information:

  • What is the site currently doing or not doing?
  • What should it be doing instead?
  • If you are reporting a bug or an improvement to an existing feature, is there a page we can see the problem on?
  • If it is a back-end feature, what user groups do you think should have access?
  • Is there any other information that you have that could help us?
  • Note that the ticket should be assigned to the CCS-ITS-Web Services group to speed up processing time.

We usually respond to tickets within two days of receiving them. Please note that we only accept feasible requests that provide useful functionality to the platform. Also, due to the volume of requests, we cannot offer a time estimate of when features will be completed for most requests.

Using ServiceNow

ServiceNow tickets should be assigned to the CCS-ITS-Web Services group, with the Configuration Item set to "Central WebCMS". Please provide a detailed description, similar to the CyberSOS form.


Using JIRA

This section can be used to create a new ticket for a problem discovered internally, or to create tickets from ServiceNow requests. This only applies to development related issues. Before creating a new ticket, please search through the existing tickets to ensure that there is not one already.

Start by opening a new JIRA ticket. Set the following values:

  • Usually you will want to use "Story" (for new features / enhancements) or "Bug" (something is broken). Use "Task" when you have most of the details about what needs to be fixed and there is little investigation to perform.
  • Select the appropriate priority:
    • Highest: Most critical changes that absolutely cannot wait.
    • High: Important changes that have a moderate to large impact on the community.
    • Medium: For when the other ones do not apply.
    • Low: For changes that are not time-sensitive and are not causing a noticeable impact on the community, but still should be done.
    • Lowest: For changes that are "nice-to-have".
  • Enter a due date if there is a date by which this must be fixed.
  • You can leave components blank for now if you wish, or you can choose any that make sense from below:
    • Backend: Business logic or data storage level changes
    • Deployment: Deployment of new sites, changes that impact deployment tools
    • Documentation: Changes that require a documentation update
    • Frontend: Display logic or rendering changes
    • Quality Assurance: Testing tasks
    • Software Analysis: Changes that require investigation, discovery, or analysis
  • Fix Version/s: Please leave this blank
  • Leave the Assignee as Unassigned, Automatic, or assign it to the application manager.
  • For Labels, tag all issues with Steering. No exceptions. Please add the "Accessibility" and/or "Security" labels as needed as well. Additional labels are optional.
  • Sprint: Please leave this blank.
  • Original Estimate: Please leave this blank.

Ensure that you fill out a description and add attachments so that we understand what the change being requested is (from the user's perspective at least), and how to reproduce the current behaviour.

Direct Requests

If your site is down or severely broken and needs to be fixed immediately, you can call the help desk at x6555 or email the uoWeb team.

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