Getting started as a developer

The uoWeb platform is a Drupal distribution built to be modular and flexible to the needs of any of the organizations within the University of Ottawa who need to communicate with the public. We pride ourselves on creating a robust and superb Drupal distribution with reusable tools that exemplify accessibility and usability on the modern web.

If you're interested in helping us to add new features or fix bugs, you've come to the right place. Below, you will find important information that will get you contributing in no time.

Getting started as a developer

Workstation Configuration

uoWeb uses a Vagrant distribution to help developers contribute. This lets you test your code on a virtual clone of one of our web servers, before it gets included in the build. The first step in starting is to configure your workstation to support the Vagrant distribution:

Once you have finished configuring your environment, you can learn how to create Vagrant sites. This will get you started with a local build that you will use to develop new features for uoWeb.

Next, you can discover how to use Git at the University of Ottawa. This will teach you how to start a GitLab account and give you some information on how we use Git.

Working with uoWeb

Once you have your work station configured, it is important to read through our acceptance criteria. This will inform you as to what we expect from contributors to our platform.

You may also want to read through our release cycle process documentation, to understand how projects and releases work on the uoWeb platform.

Finally, read about how to implement a code change to learn about how to submit a change to an existing module.

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