Microsoft Teams: Discover the webmaster chat channel

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2019

Microsoft Teams chat tool

Join the online community forum

Webmasters from across the University of Ottawa are invited to join the rest of the University's web community on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat tool that will allow you, other webmasters, members from the Directorate of Communications as well as the Web Services team to interact with each other instantaneously.

Why join us on Microsoft Teams?

There are currently more than 45 members from across the University's web community participating on Microsoft Teams. If anyone has questions or needs advice, they can get timely answers and receive useful information from people with different views and experiences. Need to get in touch with the Web team over a silly question that you don't want to open an entire ticket for? Just contact them on Microsoft Teams. Have issues with the latest release? Chances are someone else may have reported it or the Web team may have mentioned it in the webmaster channel.

How to access Microsoft Teams?

You can download the Microsoft Teams application for desktop, for iOS or for Android on the following website: Get Microsoft Teams on all your devices. Once it is installed:

For more information on Microsoft Teams, please read the IT website's article on the MS Teams pilot.

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