Cannot translate taxonomy (access denied error or untranslatable fields)

If you are unable to translate taxonomy and get the error “Access denied”:

  • You must relog into the French side of your website.


If, instead, you get the error “No translatable fields”:

  • Click on the tab “Manage fields”.
  • At the right of the first field titled “Name”, click on “replace”.
  • Select the only box that’s there and then click on “Save settings”.
  • You may now return to the tab “List” and translate your terms.


If there is no "replace" link associated with the Name field:

  • Click on the operation "Edit" instead.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page until you find the section "Field translation".
  • Below the list, click on the link "Enable translation".
  • On the following page, deselect the checkbox, and click on the button "Confirm".
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