Link refers to a non-existing element

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A local link (anchor link) occurs but the destination does not exist.

How to resolve this issue

  • If error occurs on a page created through the Drupal CMS platform, follow the following steps:
    • Adding an anchor tag to accordions
    • Go to Settings under Style section
    • In the display format section, write the anchor tag in Display mode anchor
    • And save the changes


  • Adding an anchor tag in snippet
  • Edit the snippet
  • Select disable rich text for the WYSIWIG
  • In the tag for the text where you want to add the anchor tag, write id = "anchorName"


  • Linking to an anchor tag
  • if you are on same page, link = "#anchorName"
  • if you are on different page, link = ".../pageName#anchorName"
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