Use correct styling of text

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Do not use the 'small' tag to alter text size. If the page is written in HTML5, this issue can be ignored. Use semantic elements to indicate emphasis or structure, and CSS to handle styling.

How to resolve this issue

  1. Login to the Drupal content management system
  2. Select the “Edit” option for section on the page in which the text exists
  3. Once on the editor page select the section in which the text and press “Edit”
  4. Proceed to the section of the page in which the text exists and highlight the text with your mouse
  5. Select the “Style” button from the WSYWIG panel
  6. Select the font type required for your text from the selection list
  7. Insure that the French side of the page is updated as well with the corresponding changes
  8. Update the Revision Log Message at the end of the page
  9. Press Save and view your updates
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