Siteimprove is the only web governance software that helps you better manage and maintain your website through quality assurance, accessibility, web analytics, SEO, and response – all in one tool.

Siteimprove Web Analytics tool

The Siteimprove Web Analytics tool and emailed analytics report is available to the uOttawa web community.

If you are interested in how online visitors are using your site, or wanted a simpler way to view if your web efforts were successful, this tool will be helpful. 

Some of you may already have accounts with Siteimprove ( ), and are using the Quality Assurance and Accessibility reports to improve your web presence.  The Analytics tool should be accessed in the same way.

Did we pique your interest? Learn more here about the tool : 

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To get in the queue open a service desk request.

What Siteimprove provides:

  • Broken links and spell checking — Siteimprove monitors your site for broken links, spelling mistakes and other site quality problems.
  • Accessibility Report — Siteimprove also analyses your site for accessibility problems that will make your site difficult to use by visually impaired visitors or people with mobility problems. It will highlight key issues such as missing ALT attributes and barriers found in your forms and tables.
  • Analytics Report - learn how online visitors are using your site, a simpler way to view if your web efforts are successful. 

For more information, visit the Siteimprove website.

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