What is uoCal?

uoCal is the University of Ottawa’s new online campus wide Calendar of Events tool. It is used to announce events to the University community. Built in Drupal, this new tool provides comprehensive searchable listings of University events, complete with images, social media integration and the functionality to share events with your personal calendar. It is also the only official university calendar in Canada (that we know of) that allows students to post student run events.

Calendar objectives

uoCal was created to meet a growing demand to unify the campus on one event publishing platform.

  • This web based tool includes modern functionality to meet the service level expectations of the community (e.g. filtering, subscriptions, sharing via social media).
  • It incorporates a user friendly, intuitive interface with visual cues, complex search features and built in Mark+my+calendar options for events.
  • uoCal supports high availability and performance, providing information on all events for the University of Ottawa community.
  • At the top of the uoCal home page, it is possible to highlight "featured events," to allow more visibility for certain events. These events should support at least one of the four pillars of the University’s strategic plan.

Download: Administrative User Manual and Guidelines (PDF)

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