Review our suggested training plans. If you need support or would like more information, get in touch with your designated site contact.


Contributors and Editors

Step 1: Online documentation

If you are new to Drupal, please review the Drupal User Guide for Contributors to help you familiarize yourself with Drupal before attending a training session.

Attend a training session to have your specific Drupal issues and questions addressed by a uOttawa Drupal expert.

Step 2: Access training videos


Thank you for your interest in the basic/advanced Webmaster Drupal training. We’ve recently made a few adjustments on the training delivery – it is now pre-recorded and available on demand.  

You can find the Basic and Advanced Webmaster training videos, along with the exercises covered on our SharePoint.

If you need more information about the exercises completed during the training, please refer to the General User Guide for Editors which provides documentation for all categories of content created on our Drupal site.

If you need further assistance, your first point of contact for help should be your service, department or faculty’s primary webmaster. If they are unavailable, please use the Service Desk request form to get in touch with the Web Services team.

Your Web Services Team!

Step 3: Complete survey

Once the training you wish to watch has been completed, please fill in this survey. We would love to get your response, to improve our methods of providing a better training experience.

Note: We are aware that there is no training video in French at the moment. However, we are considering this option in the future.


Online documentation

Training documentation for Webmaster is available in the Drupal User Guide - Webmasters

Administrators and support staff

Online documentation

Training documentation for Administrators and Support personnel is available in the Drupal User Guide A-Z

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