Review our suggested training plans. If you need support or would like more information, get in touch with your designated site contact.


Contributors and Editors

Step 1: Online documentation

If you are new to Drupal, please review the Drupal User Guide for Contributors to help you familiarize yourself with Drupal before attending a training session.

Attend a training session to have your specific Drupal issues and questions addressed by a uOttawa Drupal expert.

Step 2: Classroom training

Review the outline for the contributor training sessions

Basic training session

This training session will introduce you to the uoWeb platform and making basic edits, additions and changes to webpages.

This training session is for users that have reviewed the Drupal user guide for Contributors and have a basic understanding of the Drupal concepts. 

Topics covered:

  • Log-in using Chrome and Firefox
  • Navigating on your site to make edits
  • Reviewing the top navigation and backend
  • Searching for content, files and snippets
  • Creating / adding a Basic page
  • Reviewing the WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) interface
  • Examining the dual language editor
  • Reviewing the fields of a Basic page (URL, Primary image, Links…)
  • Adding a pdf 
Advanced training session

This training session reviews the uoWeb platform in greater detail and will look at some techniques to make your webpages more effective, eye-catching and accessible. It is for users looking to advance their Drupal knowledge and skillset.


This session is intended for users that have completed the basic training session or are already comfortable with Drupal.

Topics covered:

  • Adding an image (primary image and upload through the WYSIWYG) + ALT text
  • Advanced ALT text settings (through the code)
  • Accessible tables
  • News and Events, editing and tagging
  • Content link and different ways to use them (box, image slider, list view,…)
  • Drupal training website
  • Accessibility principles and resources

Note: All training material for this session is available through the Drupal User Guide - Editors.


Online documentation

Training documentation for Webmaster is available in the Drupal User Guide - Webmasters

Administrators and support staff

Online documentation

Training documentation for Administrators and Support personnel is available in the Drupal User Guide A-Z

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