Accessibility verification tools

The following is list of tools and browser extensions that can be used to verify the accessibility level of your website.

Google Chrome extensions

Accessibility verification

Link validation

Colour verification

Firefox extensions

Accessibility verification

Other tools, guides and services

Accessibility verification services

  • Siteimprove, an external paid service specialized in verifying accessibility, SEO, links, spelling, etc. It also offers an analytic component.
  • Total Validator, a free external service that verifies accessibility, links, spelling and HTML formatting.
  • Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0, a free external service by the University of Illinois that verifies the accessibility of pages and websites.
  • Tanaguru, a free external service as well as a downloadable tool that verifies the accessibility of pages and websites.
  • Tingtun eAccessibility Checker, a free external service developed by the European Internet Inclusion Initiative (EIII) that verifies the accessibility of pages and websites.

Accessibility Tools

  • Accessibility Viewer (aViewer), an inspection tool for Windows that displays the accessibility API information exposed by web browsers to the operating system.

Colour verification

Guides and articles

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