Assigning user roles

Future Features

In the future, we plan on extending this system to better allow webmasters to manage the permissions of their subsites through the introduction of our role management tool. Once this tool is introduced, this process as described below will no longer be available to “Webmasters” or “Webadmins”.

 The uOttawa Drupal Web CMS provides five levels of roles that users can be assigned to. In order to assign roles, you must have, at minimum, the “Webmaster” role. Most users will have either the “Contributor”, “Editor” or “Webmaster” roles.



Contributors can perform basic editing tasks but they are unable to publish content. This role is suitable for users who have little experience with uOttawa’s Drupal Web CMS or HTML and only need to make small changes.


Editors can perform more advanced editing tasks and are able to publish content. This role is suitable for users who are advanced and trusted content managers or who oversee contributors.


Webmasters can perform all the tasks that are necessary for the creation and management of a site and can grant other people the Contributor and Editor roles. This is the default role assigned to most webmasters.


Webadmins are webmasters who have more experience with Drupal and have greater access to customizations that are not available on most sites. Using these additional features often requires authorization from the Communications Directorate or can only be used under specific conditions.


Administrators have full access to most of the site, including many of the very advanced configuration options that rarely need to be modified.

To grant roles to users, start by clicking on the “People” tab (highlighted in red). Find their user information by browsing the list (an entry is highlighted in orange). Click the “edit” button (highlighted in blue). If the user you are looking for does not appear in the list, you will have to have them login at least once.

Once you’re on the user edit page, find the Roles list on the page (highlighted in purple). Check the box for the role you want to grant the user and click the “Save” button at the bottom. The change should be applied immediately.

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