Basic Page

Basic Page

Description: A Basic Page is used to create a simple page with nothing more than a title, a main body and a primary image, if applicable. As such, a Basic Page should be used for any new page that does not require a special layout.

Fields: The main fields available to Basic Pages are the Title, the Summary, the Body and the Primary Image. The summary will only be used if the Basic Page is integrated elsewhere on the site. For a more detailed explanation on all these and other fields available to Basic Pages, refer to Appendix.


basic page


The appendices below deal with all the different fields available to the nodes and content snippets described in "Understanding our pages and the elements that compose them ". The “Translatable?” column refers to whether a field requires both English and French content.

Field Name



Title (*Required)

The title of your piece of content.



The URL where people will be able to view this piece of content.



A brief summary of your piece of content meant to be displayed within teasers on landing pages.


Body (*Required)

The most important field. This is where you will write your content.


Related Links

This is meant for links related to your current piece of content. The “Title” portion of this field is for the text that will be visible to the public while the “URL” is the path where the related content lives.


Primary Image

You may attach to this field an image that will be used within teasers on landing pages. You also have the option to display this image within the content itself by checking the option.


Content Groups

This is a list of terms to which your piece of content may belong. Most of these terms are associated with distinct parts of your site so be careful which terms you select.



This field allows you to tag your content. This may be used in the future to enhance the search capabilities of every site.


Page Section

You may select a Page Section instead of specifying a Path. If your webmaster has elected to use this feature, we recommend doing so as well. Your page will receive a path appropriate for the section you pick. If you also specify a Path, the Path will take precedence.


Published Timeframe

If you have time sensitive content, you may use this field to set a publish and unpublish date and time. Note that there will be a delay between the time you unpublish content in the backend and when that content will become unviewable by the public.


Sidebar Reference

This field allows you to reference a Mini panel (more specifically, its machine name) that will be placed in the right sidebar region of the page. Leave this field blank unless your webmaster has explicitly advised you to use it.



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