Breadcrumbs: How do they work?

Node pages such as the Basic Page will automatically generate the breadcrumb from the page’s title. There is no way to change this.

On Panel pages, the breadcrumb is generated from two things by default:

  1. If the page is linked from the menu, the breadcrumb will use the title in the menu entry.
  2. If the page is not linked from the menu, the breadcrumb will automatically generate a title based on the path (URL) of the page. So if you had a page called "Maintenance and Updates" and the path you gave it was “maintenance-updates”, the title that would appear in the breadcrumb would be “Maintenance updates”. This means that accents, capitalization and other words are indeed lost.

To fix issues with Panel pages and breadcrumbs, see the article How can I fix the breadcrumb of Panel pages that don’t appear in the menu?.

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