Common parser settings

Each parser has two common settings. The first is the “Property Name”. When mapping data into the importer, the property name is what you will see for the value generated by the parser.

The second is “Repetitive Value Handling”. Certain parsers have the possibility to generate more than one value (for example, a Stripped HTML parser looking for <a> tags with the class “my-content” might find many such elements). You have four options on how to handle this scenario:

  • Treat as multiple-values: If the import object supports multiple values on the property you want to map to (such as a multi-value field), you can use this option to import them all to the same object.
  • Concatenate multiple-values into a single object: This option will glue the values together as strings and use the result as the value.
  • Treat as separate objects: This option will cause Sitecopy to perform one import for every value found. Only use this if all the other parsers will generate the same number of objects.
  • Ignore all but the first value: This option will cause Sitecopy to discard all the values after the first.
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