Content Link

Content Link

Description: A Content Link consists of a link to a page or document that may be associated with a summary and an image. Content Links can be rendered in a variety of different ways and can be displayed within one or multiple lists on your site.

Fields: The main fields available to Content Links are the Title, the Summary, the Link and the Primary Image. For a more detailed explanation on all these and other fields available to Content Links, refer to Appendix.

Example: Although Content Links do have their own pages, these pages are blank. Consequently, the following example shows how a single Content Link can be rendered differently on a page with a complex layout, such as a landing page, depending on the View mode used. Please note that these View modes are generally also available to all other nodes and to the General Content Snippet and are controlled by the webmaster of your site.

content link

Special Note: As our support for content snippets improves, the use of the Content Link will be deprecated in favor of a Link Snippet in the future.


The appendices below deal with all the different fields available to the nodes and content snippets described in "Understanding our pages and the elements that compose them ". The “Translatable?” column refers to whether a field requires both English and French content.

Field Name



Title (*Required)

The title of your piece of content.



The URL where people will be able to view this piece of content.



A brief summary of your piece of content meant to be displayed within teasers on landing pages.


Link (*Required)

This is where you specify the URL of the external content. If the content does not fall under the domain, you should check the “Open URL in a new window” option.


Primary Image

You may attach to this field an image that will be used within teasers on landing pages.


Release Date

A date field that may be used to organize a list of Content Links.


Content Groups

This is a list of terms to which your piece of content may belong. Most of these terms are associated with distinct parts of your site so be careful which terms you select.



This field allows you to tag your content. This may be used in the future to enhance the search capabilities of every site.



Used if you wish to display the author of the external link within the teasers used on landing pages.


Published Timeframe

If you have time sensitive content, you may use this field to set a publish and unpublish date and time. Note that there will be a delay between the time you unpublish content in the backend and when that content will become unviewable by the public.


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