Creating a Sitecopy job

Sitecopy is organized into jobs. Each job contains a workflow of pulling data, parsing it, filtering it, mapping it and then saving it. You can create a new job by clicking on the “Structure” link at the top of your screen after logging in, and then on “Sitecopy Jobs”. Here, you will find a list of all the existing jobs on your site. To add a new one, click the “New Sitecopy Job” button. This will bring you to a screen where you can name your job. Once you’re done that, you will be presented with a series of tabs and a screen showing you information about your job. Here’s a brief rundown on the tabs:

  • View: Shows you some information on how your job is setup.
  • Edit: Allows you to change the display name of your job.
  • Source: Here, you can provide information on your data source.
  • Parsers: Configure parsers that will let you fetch data from a source object.
  • Importer: Lets you select the data type that this job will import into.
  • Filters: Configure filters that will modify the data you parsed.
  • Mappers: Lets you map parsed data into the importer.
  • Post Importers / Post Processing: Not currently used.
  • Run: Starts the import.
  • Rollback: Removes all the objects created by the import.
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