Creating a DCL for uoCal Events

With the introduction of the Dynamic Content List (DCL), you can now use it to build a list of uoCal events. This approach is more forwards-compatible and offers new options for showing off which events you will be hosting.


For this tutorial:

  1. uoCal must be already be set up on your site. If you are an administrator, see steps 1 and 5 of the article How to set up uoCal. If not, please ask your webmaster or a member of the Support team to configure the settings for you using the Service Desk request form.
  2. You need to be able to add Dynamic Content Lists as content. If it is not available on your site, please ask your webmaster to enable the module Dynamic View, or request that a member of the Support team enable it for you using the Service Desk request form.

Creating the DCL

We recommend that you try these steps on a non-public page, or in Authoring, before performing them in Production.

  1. Navigate to Structure and then either Pages or Mini Panels depending on where you wish to add your uoCal list. Edit the Page or Mini Panel and navigate to the Content section.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top-left of one of the regions. From the dropdown menu, select Add content.
  3. A new window should pop up. In the left menu, click on Content and then select Dynamic Content List. A page of options will show up.
  4. Set the Display Mode to "List".
  5. Set the Data Source to "Entity".
  6. Set the Entity Type to "Node".
  7. For the Sub-Type, select "uoCal Event".
  8. Change the View Mode (Results) to "Teaser with Image".
  9. Leave the View Mode (Label) as "None".
  10. Go to the Filters tab and add a new filter with the Filtering method set to "Field (Taxonomy Reference)". You can then choose to filter by Audience, Organization or Event Type. You can also use all the other filters available to you through the DCL, as needed.
  11. Note that you should add items to the Taxonomy list you wish to filter by, so if you want to display events based on organization, add the uoCal ID  associated with the organization in the "uoCal Event Organizations" taxonomy list. (Administration » Structure » Taxonomy » uoCal Event Organizations » Add term
  12. You should consider adding a second filter with the Filtering method set to "Published?", so that only published events are shown in the list. If you do not choose this option, logged in users will see events that have passed and been unpublished.
  13. In the Sorters tab, set the Sorting method to "Field (Date)" and then choose to sort by "Event Time".
  14. In the Pager tab, enter a value in the Items per page field; this value corresponds to the number of uoCal events you would like to display. Below the field, select the option "Hide the pager" to prevent pagination.
  15. Once done, click on the button Finish.

Styling the DCL

  1. If the DCL was added to a Mini panel, you will first need to add the Mini panel to a Panel Page.
  2. Click on the top-right gear icon of the Mini Panel or DCL that you just added. From the dropdown menu, below Style, click on Change.
  3. In the window that pops up, choose Component Styles and then click on the button Next.
  4. In the Title section, set the value of "Display Title?" to "Yes" and enter an English and a French title.
  5. In the Styling section, set the Container Type to "Full" and set the value of the Spacing as appropriate for the location on the page. No other options should be necessary.
  6. Click on the button Save to exit the component styles dialog, and then click on Update and Save to save your changes.
  7. Verify that you are happy with the new look.
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