Dynamic Content List (DCL)

What is a Dynamic Content List?

The Dynamic Content List is a custom university widget that provides a convenient way for webmasters to create configurable lists of content and specify how they want to render the items of those lists. Effectively, webmasters are given the power to specify:

  • what content to list;
  • what content should be filtered out;
  • in what order the content should appear;
  • how the content should be displayed;
  • how to group content under subheadings;
  • whether to paginate the results;
  • whether to add filters (categories) that end-users can click on to refine results;
  • ... and much more!

Note for websites migrated earlier: Dynamic Content Lists effectively replace the former Dynamic Views widget and the standard Drupal Views, which were heavily used up until mid-2015. If your site still uses one or the other, consider replacing them with Dynamic Content Lists.


Why use a Dynamic Content List?

Use a Dynamic Content List whenever you want to create a list of content. For example, many websites at the University of Ottawa have a list of news articles on their home pages. Others, like faculty sites, often have lists of professors, researchers or personnel. Here are some example uses of Dynamic Content Lists on various University websites:


How do I get started?

In order to be able to use Dynamic Content Lists, the module "uOttawa Dynamic View" needs to be enabled by the primary webmaster of your site. If you or your primary webmaster are not able to enable it, please request that a member of the Web Support team enable the module for you using the Service Desk request form.

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