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The E-mails tab allows you to specify a set of email addresses that will receive a message template when the end-user submits the form. The email addresses can be defined manually or can be pulled from a Component value that the end-user has filled out.

After adding an e-mail, you will be presented with options that allow you to change the subject of the email, the email address of the sender and the name of the sender. There is also a Textarea in which you can change the email template that is sent.

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If you wish to retrieve the values of specific fields or display specific information such as the current date, click on the link Browse available tokens to see what is available to you. For example, if you wanted to retrieve the submitted value of a component, you would have to enter [submission:values:?], where “?” represents the Field Key of the component. You can verify the Field Key by returning to the Form components tab and editing the targeted component.

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