Mini panels: Editing an existing Mini panel

The following tutorial will teach you how to edit a Mini panel that already exists. For help on creating a completely new Mini panel, refer to the article "Mini panels: Creating a Mini panel".


For the purpose of this tutorial, you will need to have webmaster-level access or higher.

Editing a Mini panel through the the Mini panel interface

  1. Navigate to Structure, and then Mini panels.
  2. On this page, you will see a list of all existing Mini panels on your site. Find the one you need to modify and click on the link "Edit".
  3. On the following page, you will be presented with a form allowing you to edit the administrative information of your Mini panel. Ignore this and locate the menu above it that confusingly looks like a breadcrumb menu. Click on any of the items in the menu to modify that part of the Mini panel.
Mini panel editing interface


Editing a Mini panel through its parent Panel page

Another way to edit a Mini panel is to locate it through its parent Panel page. This can sometimes be faster if you have too many Mini panels or if you do not know the name of the Mini panel you are looking for.

  1. For this, navigate to Structure and then Pages.
  2. Find the page that contains the Mini panel and click on the link Edit.
  3. In the left menu, click on Content.
  4. Locate the piece of content that corresponds to your Mini panel and click on its name in the pane's body (the part in white). See the image below for details.
  5. Doing so should reveal a menu of four links (Settings, Context, Layout and Content). Click on the one you wish to edit.
  6. Perform any necessary edits to the Mini panel and click on Save. Note that clicking on Save will bring you back to the Panel page's edit window. It is not necessary to resave the Panel page to have your changes shown.
Accessing a mini panel through the panel page interface


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