Exploring the dual-language editor

Dual-language editor

The dual-language editor (DLE) is a custom module designed by the University of Ottawa that provides a side-by-side editing experience, allowing users to visualize and modify both the English and French content at once. As a benefit, this allows users to easily compare content between languages to ensure its consistency.

If need be, when writing content, you can make either of the language's fields bigger by clicking on the "Expand" button at the very top of the form. To return to the default, click on "Collapse".

How it works

When the module is enabled, it will separate content into two primary sections corresponding to translatable fields and non-translatable fields. For example, the "Title" field will be translatable since it needs to be different in each language. However, for a field like "Publication date", the date is the same between languages so it will fall under the "non-translatable fields" section, otherwise labelled "Entity Settings".


The module is currently integrated with nodes (e.g. Basic Page, News Article, etc.), snippets, and taxonomy terms (e.g. Content Groups). It also provides support for other modules that integrate into these, such as the Metatag module.

Drupal 8 upgrade path
InformationThe dual-language editor will be replaced by the Multilanguage Form Display for Drupal 8.
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