FAQ Entry

FAQ Entry

Description: A FAQ Entry is used to create a single entry comprising a question and an answer in a FAQ list.

Fields: The main fields available to a FAQ Entry are the Title (i.e. the question) and the Answer. For a more detailed explanation on all these and other fields available to a FAQ Entry, refer to Appendix.

Example: The following example shows 6 different FAQ Entries that have been grouped together and rendered with a Dynamic Content List using the View mode “Summary and Details”. Please note that the Dynamic Content List and View mode must be set up by the webmaster of your site.

faq entry


The appendices below deal with all the different fields available to the nodes and content snippets described in "Understanding our pages and the elements that compose them ". The “Translatable?” column refers to whether a field requires both English and French content.

Field Name



Title (*Required)

The question of a specific FAQ entry.


Answer (*Required)

The answer to the FAQ question.


FAQ Groups

This is a list of terms to which your piece of content may belong, reserved for FAQ type content. Most of these terms are associated with distinct parts of your site so be careful which terms you select.


Published Timeframe

If you have time sensitive content, you may use this field to set a publish and unpublish date and time. Note that there will be a delay between the time you unpublish content in the backend and when that content will become unviewable by the public.


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