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Clicking on the “Form settings” tab will give you access to various different settings related to the form’s translation, to what happens when a user submits the form, to who can submit the form, and so on. Following is an explanation of each group of settings available.

Name of setting group Explanation
Localization by string translation

Checking the two options under Localization by string translation will allow you to translate all of the different elements of your form, including the components, the email templates and the confirmation message. For more details, see Translating your Webform.

Localization by sync
(Not used)

The options provided under Localization by sync are not used in the uOttawa Web CMS.

Submission settings

The Submission settings allow you to configure a confirmation message, set up a redirect location, limit the total number of submissions, limit the number of submissions per user and set the status of the form to open or closed.

CAPTCHA This section allows you to add a CAPTCHA challenge to your form to reduce the number of spam submissions received.
Submission access

This section allows you to specify who can submit data through the form. It does not prevent access to the Webform’s page.

Progress bar

This section allows you to configure the progress bar. For most forms, a progress bar is not necessary and you should probably uncheck the option “Show progress bar”.

Preview page

Enabling the preview page will add a page for previewing the form before submitting it.

Advanced settings

The advanced settings provide a few options that allow you to configure drafts for authenticated users, change the label of the submit button, and set up notifications about previous submissions.

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