RSS: Generating an RSS feed from a Dynamic Content List (DCL)

About this tutorial

The following tutorial will explain how to generate an RSS feed from a Dynamic Content List (DCL).


For this tutorial:

  1. You must already know how to add content to a Panel page or a Mini panel.
  2. You need to be able to add Dynamic Content Lists as content. If it is not available on your site, please ask your webmaster to enable the module Dynamic View, or request that a member of the Support team enable it for you using the Service Desk request form.

Create the Dynamic Content List

  1. Navigate to Structure and then Pages.
  2. Edit the page on which you wish to add your Dynamic Content List.
  3. In the left menu, click on Content.
  4. You should now be presented with a page outlining the regions of your layout. Click on the top‑left gear icon of one of those regions.
  5. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Add content.
  6. A new window should appear. In the left menu, select Content and then select Dynamic Content List.
  7. You will be presented with a page allowing you to configure your Dynamic Content List. For the purpose of this exercise, set the Display Mode to "List" and set the Data Source to "Entity". Then do the following for each of the settings tabs:
    • Display Settings: Do nothing.
    • Source Settings:
      • Set the Entity Type to "Node".
      • Set the Sub-Type to "News Article".
      • Set the View Mode (Results) to any value, such as "Teaser".
      • Set the View Mode (RSS) to "Summary Only". It will then ask you to provide an RSS Feed Title; enter the English and French titles for your RSS Feed.
    • Filters: Add any filters necessary. For example, if you only want to display News articles that belong to a specific Content Group, select the option "Field (Taxonomy Reference)" and configure the sub-options as necessary.
    • Sorters: Set the Sorting Method to "Field (Date)". In the settings box that appears, set the Field to "Date Posted" and select the option "Newest to oldest".
    • Pager: Set the Items per page value to something like "10".
    • Results Label: Do nothing.
    • Insert Mini-panels: Do nothing.
  8. Once done, click on "Finish".
  9. If you do not want this DCL to actually appear on the page it was added to, click on the top-right gear icon of the DCL and select "Disable this pane". The RSS feed will still be generated even though its associated DCL is disabled.
  10. Then, click on the button Update and Save to save all your changes.

Retrieve the URL of the feed

  1. After you have updated and saved the page, click on the top-right gear icon associated with the Dynamic Content List you just added.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Settings.
  3. A new window will appear. Switch to the Source Settings tab.
  4. Under the setting View Mode (RSS), the description provided should now tell you the relative path of your RSS Feed. For example, "When a mode is selected, an RSS feed will be available at /rss/dcl/123". This means that you just have to append "/rss/dcl/123" to the English or French path of your site to access the RSS feed page.

External RSS feed readers

Please note that if you are working in the University of Ottawa's AuthoringDevelopment or Local server environments, you will not be able to test external applications that read the RSS feed because access to these environments is restricted.

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