Graphic standards

Content providers must be aware of the importance of upholding the University’s brand image graphic standards. The important elements of graphics quality include the approved usage of the University logo, use of template elements and meeting general graphic standards.

Use of the University of Ottawa logo

For information regarding the use of the University logo, consult the Visual Identity Standards Manual. Please take some time to become familiar with the contents of this manual. For information or further guidance on the use of the University’s visual identity, contact the Communications Directorate (

Location of template elements

Consult the University’s Website Content Layout Style Guide (PDF) for the various design elements and styles in use at the University of Ottawa. The information in the guide can help you format your website and ensure that it is optimized.

General Graphics Standards and Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed when using graphics on any University of Ottawa website:

  • The number of graphics should be kept to a minimum.
  • Avoid using any unnecessary graphics that do not add to the site’s overall ease of use.
  • Graphics should be sharp, clean and high quality.
  • If you are using a language-neutral graphic element (i.e., one with no text), provide alt tags in both languages.
  • A page should be easy to understand and use even while an image is downloading.
  • Use alt tags to provide users with information about images being displayed or how they function.
  • Use the alt tag that can tell users what the image is or how it performs, before it is downloaded.
  • In consideration of download times, the number of graphics should be kept to a minimum.
  • Accepted
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