How the uOttawa Drupal CMS is different


  1. Our Drupal version is updated every three weeks. This regular update includes addition of any new features developed as well as regular bug fixes and security patches. Your site on the Web CMS will stay secure thanks to these regular deployments.
    • For example, a Drupal security hole was announced the evening of October 15, 2014. On October 19, 2014, a fix had been fully tested and pushed to all the Web CMS distributions, ensuring that all uOttawa websites on Drupal remained secure against attacks.
  2. We are constantly working on keeping the distribution up-to-date with the latest in accessibility, modern web design, branding standards and generally with best practices. You will benefit from this work through our regular deployments.
    • This means that accessibility errors and improvements in our templates can be made globally, with no implementation work on your part. You are still responsible for the accessibility of your actual content, such as the proper use of headers and alt text.
  3. Our team focuses on developing reusable tools for sites to solve common problems that everyone faces. By being on our Drupal Web CMS, you will benefit from the work done for other internal organizations.
    • As you will read later in this document, numerous features already exist that you can leverage on your existing site.
  4. The distribution offers a bilingual editing experience not seen in any other content management system, including other Drupal installations.
  5. By standardizing tools and processes, we can all learn to work the same way and more easily share knowledge and expertise.
  6. Our methodology also allows your teams to participate in developing for Drupal. By participating in development, you help new features get completed faster!
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