How to use XML Sitemap Module

What are XML sitemaps?

You want search engines to crawl every important page of your website. But it can happen pages don’t have any internal links to them, which will make them hard to find. You can use an XML sitemap to make sure search engines can find and crawl all pages you deem essential on your website. An XML sitemap contains all important pages of a site to help search engines determine the structure of it.

XML sitemap module automatically generates sitemaps of your website which adhere to the new Google standard regarding multilingual content by creating hreflang sitemaps and image sitemaps. This generated sitemaps would be submitted to the search engines at regular intervals of time that you can set.

It is not, however, a guarantee that those URLs will be crawled or indexed. Search engines use information from Sitemaps to augment their usual crawl and discovery processes. A Sitemap does not affect the actual ranking of your pages. However, if it helps get more of your site crawled (by notifying search engines of URLs they didn't previously know about, and/or by helping search engines prioritize the URLs on your site), that can lead to increased presence and visibility of your site in their index.


What happens when multiple sites are sending the same URLs?

This is apparently normal if you submit Sitemap files with the same URLs listed multiple times. Since submitting the same URLs multiple times doesn't change anything with regards to your site's crawling & indexing, I'd just submit it once if you want the correct counts.


Follow these steps to configure XML_sitemap module

  • The first step is to enable the XML_sitemap module. You can enable other XML_sitemap modules as well as per your need. For that go to Modules search for xml_sitemap then select the modules and save.
Enable the required modules from these modules


  • Go to Configuration click XML sitemap (under SEARCH AND METADATA)
XML sitemap configuration



  • To add new XML Sitemap click on the Add new XML sitemap. Then choose the language and save the sitemap
  • To add the link of a panel page. Go to custom Links tab you can add any custom links. Set the priority of this link, frequency of updates and the language.
Add a new link here


  • In the tab Search Engines, you can select the search engines you need to submit the sitemap and set the frequency. You can also add custom URLs.
Select the search engines here


  • In settings, you can set the priority to different components of the site.
XML sitemap settings


  • Attention: Check that ANONYMOUS USER can View user profiles under User
  • If you want to include a particular component then select the component and enable the xml sitemap and set the priority. For example to include Main menu, click the Menu link -> Main Menu.
Check whether XML sitemaps are enabled or not


  • Click the XML Sitemap then select the option included, set priority and save.
How to enable xml sitemap?


  • Now you will see the inclusion of the component as included, finally, save the configuration.
Check whether XML sitemaps are enabled or not


  • If you just installed XML sitemap and your site's content is missing go to Rebuild Links to rebuild the sitemap.
Rebuild the links


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