Managing the breadcrumb settings

Here is what the breadcrumb settings look like by default: 

Managing the breadcrumb settings

We will go over each setting and what it does to the site.




Breadcrumb Depth

Show All, or a number between 1 and 10

By default, all the breadcrumbs are shown. If you change this to a number, the breadcrumb trail will only show that many entries (starting with the first one).

For example, if you were on My Site > Admin > Appearances > uOttawa Default Theme and changed this to “2”, you would only see “My Site > Admin” in the breadcrumb.

Display breadcrumb

Yes, Admin Only, No

By default, breadcrumbs are shown on every page. Here, you can turn the breadcrumbs off entirely or to only show on admin pages.

Breadcrumb separator


By default, breadcrumbs are separated by “ / “ (space, slash, space). This setting allows you to change the separator. We do not recommend changing this setting.

Show home page link

On / Off

This controls whether or not the home page of your site will appear as the first component of the breadcrumb or not. It defaults to being “on”. The text for the home page link will be “Home”.

Append a separator to the end

On / Off

If enabled, the text from the “Breadcrumb separator” setting above will be appended at the end of the breadcrumb. We do not recommend enabling this setting on your site.

Append the content title to the end

On / Off

If enabled, the page title, not linked, will be appended (with a separator) to the end of the breadcrumb. We recommend leaving this enabled.

Use Site ID name as home page link

On / Off

This is a setting specific to the uOttawa Drupal version that attempts to replace the word “Home” in the home page link (see “Show home page link” above) with the name of your site. It does this by looking for a Site ID bean that links to your site’s <front> page and using the text contained within it.

Show parent site link

On / Off

This is a setting specific to the uOttawa Drupal version. If your Site ID bean for the <front> page has settings for a Parent Site (link and text), this setting will cause them to be used in the breadcrumb, before the link to the home page.

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